Wednesday, 25 November 2015

First Santa

I can’t believe how quickly Christmas is coming; we have even seen our first Santa already!  I wonder how many we will see before Christmas.  The boys were not entirely convinced about this one, so I said I thought perhaps it was one of Santa’s helpers rather than the actual Father Christmas, to which one of them said I definitely think its two elves in there, one on the others shoulders!  It is funny what goes through their minds.  But best of all it’s another year of believing and I want to hang on to that.  The boys also had a chance to decorate biscuits and have their face painted.

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They have made me smiles lots lately, just the little things they do, my youngest has been collecting the nibs off coloured pencils and pretending they are his gems… whenever I see another little pile of the “gems” I beam.  He has always been something of a collector, coming home with pockets laden with all kinds he has managed to salvage from the school field, but at least the latest collection is very colourful!

I am enjoying the build up to Christmas; we have quite a full calendar of events ahead of us, with school plays (my two are featuring as a rat and a dog this year), grotto visits and festive dinners.  Our local theatre has had more exciting things to do lately too; I enjoy supporting them as much as possible.

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I have been feeling a bit more tired than usual the last few weeks but I think its because I have been busier than usual behind the scenes on my blog.  After my successful fundraiser I moved onto starting to write my Baby Shower Gift Guide feature ready for a surprise baby shower next week, I have kindly been gifted £360 worth of wonderful presents for a friend so I am sure she will be delighted when she finally sees them.  Although I have vowed that is my final baby shower, so please friends take note NO MORE BABIES please.

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