Saturday, 21 November 2015

Go MINI Night Challenge Raceway #GoMini15

My two were over the moon to see this new Golden Bear Go MINI set to review and could not wait to get the product unboxed and start racing.

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It was quick and relatively simple to set up and the end result is very sturdy, ideal for hours and hours of play!  Hubbie liked how the parts to raise the set had clips to hold it to the track, making moving the track around easier as it stayed more stable.  Just make sure you have lots of batteries this product needs 8 AA ones so definitely heavy on battery usage BUT so worth it to see your children happy and entertained, actually my hubbie was too, he could not resist joining in and having a go himself.

My boys aged 6 and 8 used to get frustrated with their Scalextric set because the cars would always be flying off the track, but this set seems to work much better even in high speed.

When in low speed for younger children (aimed at 3-5 year olds) the cars never leave the track but my two enjoyed having the luxury of choice and alternating between high and low speed.  It’s good for them to feel like they have more control over the set.

You can race in either one or two player mode; in one player mode you have a pace car to race against.  I like how they have incorporated that into the toy as not everyone has a sibling, friend or parent over all the time to coax into joining the race.

Go Mini Night Challenge Raceway is available to buy from Argos for £49.99.  I think it’s a fair price for a great toy.  We have not had any problems with it so far; we all love how when it gets dark the lights look very impressive whizzing around the track.  I think this is a wonderful Christmas gift idea that will suit children 3 to 8 quite happily.

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