Monday, 16 November 2015

IDEAL Games For Christmas

Tipping Point is perfect for older children (10+) it is based on the popular TV show and is a quiz that everyone in the family will want to play!  General knowledge questions can get a bit dry and tedious but not when everything is at stake in a game like this, when you answer correctly you can win tokens to use on the machine.  I think that element is quite exciting, as you do not know if your token will be the one that changes the game completely.  My general knowledge is quite poor but even I could be motivated to keep playing a game like this and it’s a wonderful way to help broaden your knowledge base across lots of different topics.

The concept is quite like the coin machines at amusements trying to pick the best path for your coin (or token in this case) and attempt to get biggest payout.  My two love the occasional visit to the amusements but it can get expensive so far better to have a game like this at home (investing £19.99) which will work out cheaper in the long term AND hopefully teach your children more about the world around them.

Dinkee Linkee (RRP £19.99) is the junior version of Linkee allowing younger children (8+) to get involved in the simple shouty out game!  Having to spot the link between the answers to each lot of four quiz questions really helps challenge the grey matter more than just answering a question alone and children will love actually being encouraged to shout out ("Dinkee!").  

With 120 cards there is plenty of scope to learn lots of new things here, its easy to set up and get playing and is fast paced and fun!  It's a game your children will be keen to play because the format is well designed for this age group.

You can find out more about both these products in the Games & Puzzles section of the John Adam's website.

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