Saturday, 28 November 2015

Introducing the Max Tow Truck

The boys have had so much fun with the Max Tow Truck they were sent to review; they even took it to their grandparents to show off its capabilities.  They really were that impressed with it.

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My eldest made a little video to show you all too, so you can see it in action.  You just pull on the lever and see him get to work, pulling, pushing and climbing to the MAX!

This toy costs RRP £59.99 but I think its worth it because the boys have played with it lots since its arrival.  I have been surprised with how many times they have returned to it.  I think it’s quite a lot of fun and would make an excellent main Christmas present.

The boys have liked the fact you can attach the chain and tow hooks and then pull up to 200 pounds in weight, they added a cardboard box full of toys and liked seeing Max use ALL his power to pull it along.  It was quite a challenge as they kept topping the box up with even more toys and games!  Later they filled a smaller box with cans of pop to deliver to daddy.  I have seen other children use the toy to pull themselves along on their scooters, so you can imagine what we will be trying next!  The box says 200 lbs is the equivalent of pulling up to 200 footballs, up to 600 baseballs or up to 1800 golf balls, so you then can grasp just HOW much power there is in high gear.

Along with being very powerful he is also a chatty toy (with 50 sounds and phrases!), so it’s no surprise really that he needs 6 C batteries.  But I am quite willing to forgive him for his battery habit just because it’s such an exceptional toy.  I was a little worried the chain did not look quite strong enough to pull the weight suggestions, but its coped perfectly fine with every trial the boys have set it.

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