Wednesday, 25 November 2015

#netflixstreamteam November Viewing

I don’t really know what I can write for my Netflix update this month, lets just say I have been watching FAR too much Son’s of Anarchy.  I hoped to give you a heads up for another show you should start viewing but our evenings have been focused around Jax and his not always so merry band of bikers.

We are well into Season 6 now and it’s been a roller coaster.  I think I have watched too much too quickly and got a bit disillusioned, but with Season 7 marking the end of the series I am almost there!  I think it’s been a difficult show to watch, its not always nice or pretty, the characters are not really consistent (there loyalties shift all over the place!) and the ranks thin out quite quickly (so try not to get too close to any one particular character!!!).  I am looking forward to drawing a line under the show and moving on to pastures new with less dark and sinister topics.

Let’s be honest I miss Hook and have been neglecting him since starting Son’s.  So I am going to play catch up with Series 5 as that is on episode 7 now.  I miss my fairy tale villains they might tear out your heart to control you but they still behave better than the majority of the Son’s bad guys!

Hubbie wants to start Narcos but I am going to leave him to that and pick something softer for me!  I do not think I can face another series of violence and drugs just yet!  Fortunately there is so much choice on Netflix and we can both watch different shows on separate devices, this time I am going to find something just for me no doubt gushy and romantic, or I might just pause and rewind on Hook scenes a lot!

The boys have been happy with their viewing choices; they have been revisiting the Home Alone films.  Always a good option with Christmas on the way, although afterwards they do tend to try and make traps!  Youngest put marbles all over the floor today but sadly self owned himself and landed on his nose, unfortunately childhood does seem to come with its share of knocks.

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  1. I've not watched either of these shows yet. I really should shouldn't I, especially Once Upon a Time xx