Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Our First Real Christmas Tree

We have never had a real Christmas tree but that is all changing this year, as Pines And Needles are kindly sending us our first proper tree.  I am beyond excited counting down the days until our scheduled delivery date; I just want to squeal in excitement.  I will of course let you know how we get on once it arrives but for now I just wanted to share my enthusiasm with you all!

I cannot wait for us to start decorating it, once we have tried a real tree I think it will be very difficult to go back to our artificial one again.  It’s not quite as much fun dusting off a tree that’s spent the last 11 months stuck in the attic when we could instead enjoy the fragrance of a fresh tree.

I am not quite sure why we have waited so long to have a real tree; I guess I felt I had to get as much use out of our fake tree as possible.  But Pines And Needles are big on the environment and do consider sustainability, for example for every Christmas tree harvested they make sure seedlings are replanted.  So I do not need to keep using that as an excuse not to start enjoying real trees, my artificial tree has had 9 years service its time for it to gracefully retire.

Then some people grumble about the mess a real tree can make, but Nordman Fir are non-drop trees so you do not need to worry about needles dropping all over the place and these tree’s can last for four weeks in good condition, the ideal length of time for the festive period.

I have a special code SLEEP that will give you £10 off towards online sales (Min spend inc Delivery £50), so if your tempted to try your first real tree now is as good a time as any!  

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