Monday, 2 November 2015

Our Half Term, Blood & More Blood

Well half term is done and dusted, its been a mixed one, some lovely bits and then some I would rather not repeat!  The boys have been fighting hard, one wrestling match and eldest fell face first off the sofa onto the hard laminate floor.  The poor thing had a non-stop nosebleed for AGES, it was literally pouring out of him with no sign of slowing or stopping!  I was all set to call the ambulance like it says on the NHS website but fortunately eventually it eased off. 

I pinched the soft bit above his nostrils for what felt like forever and we tried to apply a cool compress to the bridge of his nose.  I have never seen so much blood, as worrying moments go that was definitely one of them.  I am not quite sure how I managed to stay calm when it looked like a scene from a Halloween film, but we got through it and my eldest bless him was very brave.  Afterwards he had a late night, as we wanted to keep an eye on him, he enjoyed some quality time with both of his parents.  We played a couple of board games and he even watched an episode of the Apprentice.  I thought it might teach him something about business but instead he learnt a couple of low key swear words!!!  So possibly that was not one of my wisest decisions.

As for the highlights we went to see a puppet show and the boys had an opportunity to get involved in a puppet-making workshop, which they thoroughly enjoyed, it was great for them to learn how you can reuse old bottles and cartons and transform them into a fun puppet.  

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We headed to the cinema and watched PAN and had a lovely meal at the Table Table in Caernarfon.

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The boys had a busy Halloween they went to a party for THREE hours and danced around for most of that!  

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Yet they still had enough energy left over to go trick a treating with their friends, we did well again this year and the boys have sweets to last them for months!  It’s wonderful where we trick a treat; the residents make a remarkable effort in terms of costumes and props.  One street in particular you have to brace yourself for because they go all out, they hide in a car or disguised as a bush or even chase after you with a chainsaw…  you have to prepare yourself for ANYTHING!

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