Saturday, 7 November 2015

Our Top Secret #SpyNetMission

My two were quite excited to accept a top-secret mission from Jakks Pacific and SpyNet, especially when they realised they would have some fancy tech to review.  

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We were sent the SpyNet Laser Trip Wire (RRP £24.99) and the boys were instantly transported into a make-believe world; they dubbed themselves Spy 1 and Spy 2 and even had a secret den with mission control!  Naturally their base had to be protected by intruder alarms, they did not want rival agents getting their hands on confidential information.

It proved to be a very versatile gadget for my boys, later they pretended it was protecting houses they needed to sneak into to complete missions, they would try and stealthily tiptoe over the beam (its invisible so no easy task!).  It sounded quite important to carry out missions when they would apparently get a £100,000 payment on the fifth one.  Although then eldest said if they failed a mission they would be deducted £100 each time, with that level of penalty I think I would gladly attempt them, even with five failed missions you would still get £99,500!!! I do love kids logic!  But the attention to detail in the boys game was all down to having such a fun gadget to play with.  

I really do like seeing the boys imagination going into overdrive and SpyNet certainly inspired them, I heard them saying “I was born for this job!” – on about the life of a secret agent, a job they decided is well suited to pyjamas forget 007 in a smart tuxedo.

I found the high tech gadget was still good for a more traditional game, I played the big bad wolf and the boys were the little piggies who had installed a alarm to be prepared if the wolf showed up and started huffing and puffing and blowing their house down.  It made for a more modern slant on an old favourite.

The boys left all the items on the floor but you can mount lasers onto the wall and make it even more challenging to navigate without detection.  It is easy to reset the alarm and position the laser bouncing off the two mirrors, so once you have shown your children what to do you can leave them to enjoy an adventure of their own.

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