Friday, 13 November 2015

Pregnancy & Your Eyes

Pregnancy affects your body in lots of different ways; you might be one of those rare few people who sail through pregnancy radiating health and happiness, positively glowing with it all from start to finish!!!  Or you can feel nauseous, rather exhausted and suffer from heartburn to name but a few of the tiresome problems you might well have faced.  Most things can be resolved with taking it easy and being careful about what you eat, in my first pregnancy I lived on cheese sandwiches and vegetable soup!

However one thing I never realised was the impact pregnancy could have on your vision.  You would think after carrying both my boys I would have been quite savvy with pregnancy conditions, but that one slipped me by completely.  It’s not to say my eyes were fine it’s just not something I had considered pregnancy could impact, so I more than likely went around with dry eyes feeling uncomfortable but not associating the problem with my swelling tummy!

I think its good to be aware though because then you might be more conscious of your eyes and how they are feeling and take steps to minimise discomfort.  Also your eyes can give you a clue if there is a more serious problem you should be aware of.

The following infographic from Vision Direct was very useful, with advice like how using eye drops, staying hydrated and resting can make all the difference.

An interesting infographic from Vision Direct UK reveals how pregnancy affects your vision.
Pregnancy and Vision Infographic

I am keen to spread the message to other mum’s-to-be, knowledge can make all the difference and not much is said about your eyes during pregnancy.  It’s not something I recall my doctor or midwife bringing up anyway.  Occasionally your vision might be temporarily impaired but it does not sound something to worry about, although if you do have light spots or double vision it is wise to head to the doctors for an appointment and further investigation as it could be a sign of high blood pressure, pre-eclampsia or gestational diabetes.

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