Monday, 30 November 2015

The Best Time to do Your Christmas Shopping

If you have not quite finished Christmas shopping this weekend just gone was probably the best time to get some last minute deals.  We had Black Friday and now today its Cyber Monday and another series of generous discounts and offers, double check your inbox and you might start to notice them.

Black Friday I was aware of its highly published and built up in the media, my inbox on Friday was awash with deals for that particular day from just about EVERY company I have ever subscribed to emails from, it was hard actually spotting my blogging opportunities amongst all the sea of deals!!!

Black Friday was meant to mark the start of everyone’s Christmas shopping and lots of Americans would book a day off especially to do that; mind you most of mine were already bought and wrapped by then!  I am particularly organised this year, I don’t know quite what has come over me…

If I am honest Cyber Monday is a new one on me, although it does sound like its growing quickly in popularity and to be frank I am quite happy for another day of discounts regardless of what they decide to call it or what day it falls on.  You can read more about these special days in this Black Friday V's Cyber Monday article detailing more about their origins and the impact of them on the UK market, with research provided by some of the facts are quite enlightening so well worth a read.

Cyber Monday was coined because after thanksgiving many were logging on to the Internet and having a renewed flourish of online spending!  But looking at my inbox I see less than a handful of Cyber Monday emails.  I think though they are both still good dates to be aware of and next year I might try and time the main bulk of my Christmas shopping around them, there is no point being organised in advance if it means I am paying over the odds for my Christmas purchases.  I do prefer shopping online so hopefully Cyber Monday will keep growing to match Black Friday.

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