Thursday, 3 December 2015

A Little Update

We had our first ever real tree delivery from Pines and Needles this week and finally found time to decorate the tree this evening, the boys have been chomping at the bit for hubbie to dig out the Christmas tinsel and baubles, but our youngest had a sick bug so that was the reason for our delay.  Poor little fellow had a sky-high temperature but thankfully seems on the mend now and ready to rejoin the countdown to Christmas in earnest.

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I gave the boys more free rein this time to pick and choose where they wanted to hang decorations, the end result (not shown) is a bit higgledy-piggledy but the boys are happy and proud they had a chance to do it themselves.  I am trying to be more relaxed so what if the baubles are all over the place it still looks all beautiful with the lights twinkling.

When my youngest was off he did make me giggle, he was asking if I met someone else who I liked would I marry them? I said no I love your daddy, then he said but what if he’s a really boyie boy? I was like what’s one of them? “You know a boy who does handstands, somersaults and back flips…” that kind of physical dexterity is not high up my priority list when searching out a soul mate!

My hubbie made some of his tasty rocky road this week it was for the baby shower I had been helping plan but we have had to do a rain check as my friend who was hosting the party had a poorly child too, so many germs going around at the moment!  So I have eaten FAR too much rocky road the last two days because I did not want it to go to waste obviously…

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The boys had the chance to do some camp side cooking, a bit of a change from your usual scheduled Christmas events... but smores are a great snack any time of the year so no one was complaining!

We also fitted in more Father Christmas visits.  The boys thought this one was the real deal because he had an actual feather pen to write in his book!

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