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Baby Shower Gift Guide 2015 Edition

A baby shower is such a wonderful event, a chance to bring a group of close friends together and surprise the mum to be with some well thought out presents.  Baby showers seem to be growing in popularity and they definitely are a lovely idea, once the baby is here as magical a moment as that is you still start the sleepless nights and endless nappy changes!  So mums to be deserve that bit of fuss and attention before their baby arrives.  If your at a lose as to what gifts to buy I thought this feature would help you with some rather fabulous suggestions.

Help with Sleep

Sleep is a precious commodity so any products that will make your life easier are a necessity! 

We were sent the new grey edition of ewan the dream sheep, a Mother & Baby GOLD award winner in 2014 so you know you have a decent product with that accolade.  This cute and adorable sheep is pitched as the ultimate sleep aid; it manages to do this by having a range of 4 low frequency sounds and a calming pink glow.  It is designed to remind the baby of the sounds and colours of the womb.  It’s a big change being thrust into an unfamiliar world when you had a safe place before but ewan can remind babies of that comforting place and help them settle.

With a 20-minute timer your baby will hopefully be fast asleep by the time ewan turns off and with his Velcro tail its easy to transport ewan wherever you go.  Seriously I would have gladly paid £29.99 if there was any chance my two would have gone off to sleep quicker, it works well with unsettled toddlers too, so helping make life more peaceful for everyone in the family!

Gro sent two of their fantastic products, the rather revolutionary grohush baby calmer and a grosnug to keep your little one comfortably wrapped up to remind them of the womb.  The grohush device costs £24.99 and aims to soothe your baby with a choice of three sounds (mother’s heartbeat, rain on a tin roof or ocean waves).  The white noises aim to keep your baby calmer helping them go back to sleep.  It can be difficult handling a distressed baby so anything that is designed to help them feel more peaceful and content is a parenting must have in my eyes.  As it is held closely to your babies ears you might worry about the safety of the product but the volume is preset at a comfortable level of 75 decibels that only the baby can hear.  It has been rigorously tested and meets all the required standards, so you can rest easy that this magical device is not going to harm your precious little one.

Our boys slept better in the beginning when we swaddled them we did this with blankets but its even easier now you can buy the grosnug.  If you do not wrap babies up they tend to startle themselves with their little hands and legs waving around, being all snug and cosy keeps them feeling safe and secure helping them sleep longer and more peacefully.  You can even access the bottom part easily for those nappy changes, so very convenient!

DaisychainBaby have some gorgeous cotton blankets if you prefer to attempt swaddling yourself, being a company that sources only organic and eco-friendly items you know they will be gentle and soft against your child’s skin.

slumbersac sent one of their baby sleeping bags, it was an attractive sleeping bag in size 0-6 months with embroidered train detail (£19.99).  

I have always been a fan of sleeping bags I felt a lot more relaxed about my babies going to sleep without the added worry of blankets covering their face during the night.  Studies have identified that one of the risk factors for sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) happens to be blankets or sheets covering the baby’s head which potentially leads them to overheat.

I had the 2.5 tog standard weight rating (ideal for all year round except the peak of summer), but you can pick out different ones for the changing seasons to make sure your baby stays the right temperature.  This is vitally important, as babies cannot control their temperature very well, they rely on you to regulate it for them, so pick out a tog rating that will keep them at a comfortable temperature for the time of the year.  The back of the packaging was very informative detailing what your child should be wearing at different temperatures and according to which tog rating slumbersac they are using.  You can tell that slumbersac really care about the safety of your baby.

The Bambeano® Baby Bean bag (£49.99) is a comfortable place for your child to sleep if you want to put them down somewhere other than there cot.  But its much more than that its a lovely vantage point for them to watch the world go by, babies love seeing whats going on.  It is also very cosy and the bean filling is insulating to keep them warm over the winter period. The Bambeano® was created by the owners of after the arrival of their own baby, so a lot of thought has been bought into its development, you have a machine washable cover (an essential with babies!), a secure safety harness so no sliding off and the slight incline helps with reflux.  It is also a Mother & Baby 2015 Silver Awards Winner which gives you some indication just how fabulous it is!


Toys are important to help with development and entertain your little ones.  Think carefully about the ones you buy and what benefits they will have for your child’s early years.

Peppa Pig have developed some fabulous toys that are suitable from birth.  These are a new range of toys and look very promising.  I was sent the George Pig Musical Pull Down (£11.99), which can be easily fastened to a cot or alternatively a pram for entertainment on the go!  The pull down cord plays music from the popular TV series, a show I am sure most babies will no doubt grow up watching.  My two were big fans anyway, they both really liked George and I know they would also have been quite attached to these toys.  He is very soft and I like the two little pieces of fabric on his tummy, its important children are encouraged to reach for things to develop their fine motor skills.

I was also sent the Activity George Pig (£19.99), this looks even more impressive and a lot of thought has been put into developing the toy, including having different textures over his body to encourage your baby to explore.  They will also learn that pushing one hand gives them some music to enjoy whilst pushing the other they here giggles and snorts, helping them with the concept of cause and effect.  He even has a mirror and babies love looking at human faces so you can begin to imagine just how much babies will enjoy this toy!


Teething can be a tricky stage; babies can understandably get quite upset as their teeth start to appear.  Even though it does not start till around 6 months I think adding a few teething products as gifts will really help any new mum who might not quite know what they have ahead of them.

I really liked the Dr Browns range of teethers designed by a Pediatric dentist.  It is great to have a few products ready to help with the discomfort.  I was sent the coolees I love the design with the bright watermelon (£2.99); it is safe to use in a freezer so you can ensure that cool lasting comfort soothes your baby.

I also received the Ridgees product (£4), the giraffe is very sweet and bound to capture a baby’s attention, this has a textured surface that can help those poor sore gums.  Again you can use in the freezer if you want to help numb those painful gums.  I only thought Dr Browns made bottles and accessories but its reassuring they have teethers available too as they are very big on BPA free products (Bisphenol A, or BPA can potentially be toxic so sticking with companies that stay away from those kinds of plastics is one excellent way of reducing your little ones chance of exposure to the chemical).

Monitoring Temperature

If you have ever witnessed a febrile convulsion you will know just how very distressing they are, I speak from experience so I really hope every new mum buys or is gifted a thermometer to track their child’s temperature.  If it spikes and you do not get a handle on it quickly sadly your child can end up fitting, to avoid this I do think it’s vital to own a thermometer so you can make adjustments such as providing them with medicine and taking off some layers.

I was sent the Braun ThermoScan 7 (currently £32.99 on Amazon), which is an excellent product; I have already reviewed it and found it extremely useful for our family needs.  I like how it has the age adjustable bands so you have an accurate guide of what counts as a high temperature for the age of your child.  Most might not know that the definition of a fever changes from newborn to toddlers to adults, so its useful having that in built in the thermometer design itself.

We have found it to be a very accurate product, having the unique pre-warmed tip minimises the cooling effect of a cool probe tip so the results are less likely to be incorrect.  It is a must for every family, if you do not have one already PLEASE rectify that as soon as possible.  It took me a long time to shake off the dreadful feeling of watching my son fit; it broke my heart seeing him like that.

But at the same time having this handy item could also save you giving your child calpol when they do not really need it.  There has been some concern lately about parents giving children calpol for too many mild fevers which can lead to problems in later life, you can read more in this article which mentions increased rates of asthma and heightened kidney, heart and liver damage.  Suddenly you realise just how important it is to own a Braun ThermoScan.

Clothes and Accessories

Peacocks have some gorgeous baby clothes and all very affordable.  I was sent the Bear Hugs sleepsuits (£8 for a pack of two) and the Animal sleepsuits (£7 for a pack of two) both of which have really lovely eye catching designs.  Very appealing for the price and the fabric felt soft and gentle, which you really need for a baby’s delicate skin.

It does not seem so hard kitting out for the arrival of a new person who grows super fast once you have Peacocks in your favourites!  No more panicking when you have to get them a whole new wardrobe a couple of months later at those prices.  If you wanted to gift baby clothes from here the recipient could easily have thought you spent considerably more.  Of all the items these sleepsuits actually made me feel a teeny bit broody, nothing does normally (I feel I have done my bit for repopulating the world!) so you can imagine these are extra cute!

bobux sent me a pair of their very sweet elephant soft sole baby shoes for developing feet (£20).  They provide all the comfort and protection your baby needs whilst still leaving their feet free to move and grow.  The designs are very appealing; bobux wanted colours and pictures that would engage your child.

I tended to keep mine in socks as I was worried about shoes limiting their foot development but bobux baby shoes are so flexible and breathable that I would have gladly used these all those years ago.  It’s worth browsing their site just to get a flavour for all the colourful designs, I adore the toucans especially but you will be overwhelmed with the choice.  Your child’s interests are also well accommodated (with diggers, trains, racing cars, pirates, monsters and robots).

Baby & More provided me with one of their Mum 2 Mum Bandana Reversible Bibs (£7), I think bandana bibs are so much more stylish than the ones my boys grew up using.  They are made from super absorbent towelling so will do an excellent job keeping your baby clean and dry!  To fit size 4 months to 3 years it’s a handy product to keep your little one looking tidy and saves having to do endless costume changes because they have a wet neckline and are feeling uncomfortable.  Babies dribble lots when teething so they can still look fashionable if you want them wearing a bib lots of the time!

Baby & More also have Choopie CityMitts (£29.99) these are ideal for the cold weather we are having.  You will always have warm and cosy hands when pushing your stroller outside for hours on end, if your trying to coax your little traveller off to sleep and feel miserable when you have cold wet hands investing just under £30 in a product that will leave you more comfortable is completely worthwhile.


I did not find it easy to breastfeed but then I didn’t feel I could get into a comfortable position to do so effectively.  I think it’s worth getting a Theraline pillow to assist you getting into a relaxed position to have a better chance of being successful.  The Wynnie Baby Feeding Pillow is very supportive product so easier to prop up the baby into a good latch position.  Breast milk is specially tailored for your baby so it really is worth spending £23.95 if this product can help you manage to breastfeed more easily.

It’s a versatile product as you can also use it to help your baby when they start to sit up, so it really does offer excellent value for money.  I was sent the yellow design that works well for boys or girls, but I do like the bold patterns best (retro flower red looks lovely!).

Bath time

The boys really like there Dragon Fruit Bubble Bath it seems very gentle on their skin, these products are designed to be very mild (so even newborns can use them) and are free from chemical nasties.  There is Dragon Fruit and Cloudberry variants, each are packed with lots of antioxidants and are perfect choices for moisturising young skin.  Plus the bit my boys like the best is you get lots and lots of bubbles!

Good Bubble have brought out limited-edition gift sets which include their lovely bubble bath and a cute bath mitt character to help make bath time that much more fun, with an RRP of £8 they do make a wonderful present for baby showers (or Christmas).

Nappy Changes

I was sent the Dash Chevron bag (£64) you can find more information on the Maguari website and order your own.  It’s such an attractive changing bag; I really like the modern design and would feel very stylish with this over my shoulder.

Not only does it look great it is also very practical, the ideal size to comfortably carry all the essentials you need when you have a baby.  Once your baby arrives into the world you suddenly realise just how much you need with you at all times (nappies, wipes, spare clothes, snacks, dummy, toy), travelling lightly is very much a thing of the past.

It is quite a sophisticated bag, lots of thought has been put into its development so it meets new mummies needs perfectly.  The eleven separate pockets make it easier to find what you need rather than having to rummage through a big space and not find it!  Babies you will soon realise are not particularly patient if they want something… so a bag like this keeps you organised and stops them getting quite so agitated.  They have even insulated the bottle pockets so you can keep bottles warm or cool depending on your needs.

I do like the clever patented Shuttle Clips that allow you to convert it into a stroller bag.  I remember my changing bag of old always used to hang dangerously close to the ground as I had it placed there by the long shoulder straps!  So I for one would definitely have benefited from those ingenious Shuttle Clips.

One of those tasks that can be more than a little unpleasant!  But fortunately Snappy Bin makes it that bit easier.  You can have a nappy bag held open ready and waiting when you need it, how often do you do the nappy change then desperately fumble to open a bag with your free hand!  Preparation is key, nappy changes are a smelly and messy business so if a little product like this can make life that bit more pleasant than I think its worth the £7.99 investment to get one, especially if it means with two hands your less likely to drop an explosive nappy on the floor when you try and juggle too much!!!

The Snappy Bin was the winner of the Rattles to Riches Competition at the Baby Show 2013 for best new product, so if you have not considered getting one just have a look at their website and see what you think.  It’s quite a versatile product too after you are done with nappy changes you can use it as a car bin or as a container for other things.
Baby wipes are a necessity of life with little ones, they might not be the most stylish of products usually but they are very practical.  Huggies have changed that with their brand new range of baby wipes, they are designed to look that bit more tasteful.  The pouch can be refilled and comes in three rather fabulous designs.  I still use baby wipes here occasionally now and I would much prefer this type of pack as my boys are older and would not appreciate me offering them anything with a baby on.


My friend is not a big drinker but does appreciate the occasional glass of wine, she has abstained throughout pregnancy but I think it would be nice for her to have a glass of something bubbly to celebrate at her baby shower.  Fortunately Echo Falls have made an alcohol free sparkling Tisane infusion that is perfect for those special occasions.  It looks like a sophisticated drink; the bottle is very elegant and the sparkling grape juice and premium green tea combination sounds appealing.  You can find stockists on the Echo Falls website.

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