Friday, 11 December 2015

Christmas Gifts For Those With A Sweet Tooth

Chocolate, you can never go wrong with chocolate gifts for everyone in the family.  Hotel Chocolat is well worth a visit.  All their products are very indulgent, a real treat being so luxurious and mouth-watering!  We were sent two of their giant slabs (Billionaire's Shortbread and Rocky Road) at £16 each.  They look and taste amazing!  £16 might sound a lot for a slab of chocolate but these are huge and the combination of flavours works so well together.  Hotel Chocolat gifts are bound to delight the recipient, just do not expect them to want to share!!!

I really like this Giant Edible Jelly Baby (£15.99) from getting personal, why settle for a pack of sweets when you can give the gift of a super sized jelly baby!  It’s that bit different everything you love about one of your favourite sweets but on a much bigger scale.

Chocoholics Mini Pizzas again from getting personal look fantastic; they come in cute little pizza boxes.  It costs £16.99 for a set of three 4” pizzas so you could buy them and give out three separate mini presents.  They are made from delicious Belgian chocolate and are topped with chocolate curls, sweets and fudge.  These are a moreish present that is a bit more exclusive than giving a box of chocolates this Christmas.

I am always eager to see purple packaging amongst my Christmas gifts, Cadbury chocolate is my most favourite kind, Dairy Milk is so creamy thanks to "a glass and a half of milk in every half pound bar of chocolate".  Their Christmas range is extensive with lots of fun and exciting chocolate gifts for all the family. The smaller bars make great inexpensive presents for the stocking and if your struggling with idea's on how to fill the stocking why not add a chocolate Santa!  They take up lots of space and have extra thick tasty chocolate if you can get your child to share!!!

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We all love cake here but with busy family life we do not have much opportunity to make them from scratch that often.  So the Mug Cakes Book (£8.99) is the most perfect present for us, it details 40 different cakes you can make in less than 10 minutes!  No need to preheat the oven just bung the mug with its chosen ingredients in the microwave put the kettle on and get ready to enjoy some yummy cake!  Heavenly!

It’s not always possible to head off to a Christmas market but it’s not such a necessity when you can get hold of traditional German delicacies by Bahlsen from your nearest Waitrose and Ocado stores.  

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These seasonal biscuits and cakes made us feel very festive and all set for Christmas; you have wonderful Christmas flavours like cinnamon and gingerbread to enjoy and the biscuits all look very attractive being beautifully glazed.

Everyone in the family was very keen to get their hands on them.  The boys wanted to open all the packets and have a nibble on everything, each product looked very appetising so I cannot blame them for wanting to get stuck in.  I love stollen with marzipan but initially I was not sure how I felt about the Mohn-Stollen product, as it had a poppy seed filling, it actually tasted quite nice and surprised my mum, dad and me!  I think this range in its entirety would make lovely gifts or are just nice to have in the cupboard for visiting guests, although you might find them too tempting to leave unopened for long!!!

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