Thursday, 10 December 2015

Christmas Presents All Wrapped Up

Today the last of the wrapping was finished and I let out an elated sigh!  I had a bit of a “Santa Claus Is Comin' to Town” singsong in my head to feel festive as I merrily made the presents look pretty.  Usually it’s nice to have a glass of wine whilst you’re getting on with it but at 10am that would be pushing it!  It’s not so bad really, but the joint presents that I wrap half and half (red for eldest, blue for youngest) get a bit tedious!!!

It feels a relief when everything is FINALLY sorted and arranged in advance of the big day, it’s quite a mammoth job getting organised for Christmas.  Hubbie tends to take a back seat so it’s all up to me with a little assistance from the dog trying to sniff each present to see if there is anything worthwhile in there for her.  Poor thing looked quite disappointed but I have decided to wrap her presents when she’s not watching, even dogs enjoy a Christmas surprise.

Now some of the pile needs to be shipped off to friends and family who live further a field.  It can become an expensive business with so many to send, I usually head to the post office but I have noticed lately packages seem to be getting more and more expensive to send with them.

Thankfully My Parcel Delivery take away some of the financial strain Christmas can bring.  They allow you to access 14 different top name couriers so you can find the cheapest place to send your parcels (saving up to 75% compared to Royal Mail).  If you have lots to post it really is worthwhile doing your research and finding the most economical method of sending your parcels.

Often the courier collects from your door too so no having to go out in dreadful weather conditions to make your way (rather reluctantly) to the post office, I must admit I prefer this option as its cosy and warm at home and bitter outside at the moment, so why leave the comfort of home.

Right I better get started and figure out how much I will save and who I will be using!  Otherwise there might be some grumbles from Southampton and London just for starters…

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