Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Christmas Traditions

I always thought Santa Claus was a universal figure and we would all be expecting his visit on the 25th of December regardless of where we lived in the world, but according to this “Who’s Visiting This Christmas” visualisation from Stay Sourced there are some other unique and interesting gift givers in various parts of the globe.  Some you would not openly invite into your house…

A fair few of these figures are more than a little bit scary!  In France Père Noël looks as lovely as our Father Christmas but rather than a friendly elf as a helpful sidekick this one has “Father Whipper” who apparently beats naughty children with sticks…

Then to top it off in Germany you have Krampus who takes it to the next level and eats the worst behaved boys and girls.  It’s the stuff of nightmares never mind spreading festive joy!

Then onto the surreal in Sweden watch out for the Tomtenisse, mischievous gnomes who if you’re bad will dance with you until your exhausted!  Let the dance off begin!

Here we are saying you better behave or you might end up with coal for presents, but least its not going to send the poor children into a panic, with talks of beatings, death and dance exhaustion to face… I am sticking with just the jolly man in red and happy looking elves (with good backgrounds!).

But on a more positive note my children chuckled over the idea of Tio de Nadal in Catalonia which is basically a log that children feed in the run up to Christmas, then on Christmas morning the log is beaten is with sticks and told to poo presents (I kid you not!).  Although the beating with sticks theme continues… the idea of pooing of presents is quite comical for children.

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