Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Escaping the Christmas Madness

I am tired and ready for the festive break; we have not stopped throughout December always off out somewhere and the strain is now definitely showing.  Hubbie and I both have chest infections and need to take a step back.  It really is the most exhausting month of the year, the boys bless them are coughing too so I am hoping they are not next in line to share our germs.  I think its time to recuperate or daydream about doing so anyway…

I am wondering next year whether its worth booking a cruise and getting away from it all, just two leisurely weeks of cabin life, eating meals we don’t have to cook, having all the entertainment and activities close to hand.  I am not bah humbug about Christmas not in the slightest I just want to enjoy it at a much slower pace, I think sometimes you feel you have to do it all!  You feel under pressure that your not creating enough memories for your children if your not seeing every Santa between the last week of November to pretty much the 25th or getting your Elf on the Shelf into a range of interesting poses. 

Let’s be honest probably most of us have overdone it; we are all getting run down and more susceptible to falling ill.  My friend had to go to the doctors today she has tonsillitis and I know she has not stopped, she even took it to the next level making all her Christmas cards and decorations from scratch.  So next year enough is enough, I am sailing off into the sunset for a long overdue rest for the festive holiday.

If I were stuck on a ship there would be no obligatory million and one Santa visits or spending a small fortune at the seasonal school fundraisers.  I can just focus on escaping winter and hopefully staying healthier in the process.  It’s been rain, rain and more rain here and I do not think I can take much more I want to feel the comfort of the Caribbean sunshine on my face instead of the cold chill that’s making my coughing worse.  I could even swap the cough medicine for a fruity cocktail!

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