Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Feeling 40

I am feeling tired, the chest infection isn’t helping but that aside I do not have the same get up and go anymore.  I wonder if it’s turning 37 and getting closer to the big 40!  I swear I used to have more energy than I do now; I tend to have a cup of strong black tea and something sugary to perk me up long enough to do whatever task I need to finish.  I am not sure how I would get through a whole day without one of my sugar fixes.  

Yes it’s probably not the best solution; I wonder if I took some supplements that would help me more.  I know my diet could be better, hubbie does the lion’s share of the cooking and it usually involves whatever frozen meal deal is on offer from Iceland…

I need to top up on more vitamins and minerals, this time of year I think is the worst for feeling run down as everyone is so hectic and busy and the weather is so awful.  naturesupplies.co.uk have plenty of choice and I should place a quick order as my eye is twitching again, its usually down to a lack of potassium I find and I try and eat more banana’s but I think a regular supplement that I took every morning would stop me feeling like I am falling apart.

I find it hard squeezing in my five fruit and vegetables a day so I like the sound of the Powergreens product, 1 scoop gives you your five a day quota!  How handy is that and would completely make up for my bad eating habits.  I could sprinkle a bit over my frozen meal and feel more virtuous!

I really wish I had more energy, it takes its toil caring for the boys, and I am behind on the housework and still have blog posts to write before Friday!  My hubbie has broke up for Christmas and the boys finish tomorrow so I really want to have enough oomph to finish the last few bits so we can all settle in for a lovely break together.  If you have any tips please do share them? I really want to find my spring in my step again.

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  1. I think it is just the time of the year. So much stuffs to do! I do take ginseng to take my health well.