Tuesday, 8 December 2015

House Renovations Update

We have had a bit of a set back in our house renovation, we had the front repointed hoping to improve the condition of the brickwork but I am not quite sure what has happened, whether it’s the extremely bad weather that we have had lately but rain is back seeping down the walls in the living room and the boys playroom!

It can really get you down at times; you make one tiny step forward then seem to promptly make five bigger steps backwards… this house has seen me cry far too many times when I come over all emotional that we will never get a handle on everything but then I remind myself why we bought it and try and focus on the positives!  I promise you there are some.

So hubbie and I have decided to focus on the things we can improve and until we can get the bigger issues sorted will have buckets to catch everything else and count down the days until the sunshine dries out the house again!!!  Instead we shall commence with project dining room at the moment, full steam ahead!  It’s a relatively water tight room (will I live to regret saying that, I hope not!) so a good place to continue with the renovations. 

We had considered a log burner there but have decided to add that elsewhere so we can just get the plasterwork sorted more cheaply, have the room skimmed, repainted, new flooring AND then our new table can get pride of place.  It will be such a novelty actually having a proper chair to sit in; usually I get the short straw and end up with the garden furniture!  So I have been looking for inspiration with regards to dining furniture from Danetti, I fancy having a bench for the boys and their friends along with plenty of chairs for everyone else.  I would choose natural wood, as I want the room to look effortlessly stylish!  Although it does mean I am putting the boys on a crafting ban, I don’t now glitter, glue or paint anywhere close to the table we eventually pick.

It will be great when the room takes shape at the moment people look visibly surprised (or probably shocked explains their reaction better!) the room looks quite like it does!  But we made a start and actually probably left it worse than it initially looked.  Presently the walls are a mixture of colours, white, green and vivid red from different sections we have scrapped the paint off!  If you look closely you can see in the picture some of what I mean.

We made a couple of favourable changes like getting rid of the suspended ceiling.  Now the room height is in keeping with the other rooms in the house.

We got rid of the fireplace surround as it was very dated, when its plainly all boxed in it will be much more agreeable at the moment it just looks a mess, gone but untidy!  I would show you a picture but if you think this looks bad the now picture is MUCH worse...

We might not be experts in home interiors but hopefully 2016 will see some improvements.

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