Friday, 4 December 2015

#HPInstantInk #NeverRunOut Activity

Sadly we missed the rather fabulous HP Instant Ink #NeverRunOut Event but we did however get sent our very own activity pack to try out at home.  The aim of the goodie bag was to show how children’s imagination never runs out much like HP Instant Ink!

HP Instant Ink is an ink replacement service conveniently delivered to your door, its all very clever; your HP eligible printer will actually tell HP when your ink is running low and makes sure you get more before you need it.  You pay an affordable amount a month that includes your ink cartridges and delivery costs.  Rather handily you pay for the pages you print rather than the ink you use, so if you regularly print high quality colour photo’s you will really benefit from the service, as it will not cost you anymore to do so.

I have run out of ink before and there is nothing worse if your in the middle of printing an important time sensitive document, so its one less worry if you did take out a printing plan because let’s be honest us mums (and dads!) have enough to juggle as it is, let the ink take care of itself…

My two enjoyed the Harrison and Hugo’s Imaginary Zoo story and my eldest was eager to create his own creature to complete the story.  The empty space at the end of the book for your own imaginary character made the story more special somehow.

It’s a lovely story all about the power of the imagination and its endless possibilities, filled with larger than life colourful characters and a message about the importance of keeping topped up in ink (imaginary or otherwise!).  My youngest claims to have an imaginary friend so he liked the theme of the book.

My eldest son drew a rather portly multi-coloured rabbit called Sweetie who with a wiggle of his silver glitter cottontail could create vibrant sweets for everyone to eat.  My son loves rabbits and sweets so it was a fusion of his most favourite things.

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