Monday, 7 December 2015

KidzInMind Review

My two are never overly enthusiastic if I declare its learning time here, so you have to be extra sneaky about how you engage them otherwise they quickly switch off.  I find educational apps are an excellent choice.  The boys think they are having lots of fun because it feels more like a game, especially as it involves screen time, which is always viewed favourably.  All the time not really realising just how much they are learning in the process.

But it can be hard finding something suitable, because some apps are not quite as child friendly as they first seem, they might have adverts that link your child off to other locations, play video’s that are not age appropriate or before you know it they have managed to run up a big bill buying extra’s to use in game!  It’s hard to monitor them all the time (the washing machine might need to be loaded or the house hovered), so it’s easier to have an app that focuses on educational and trustworthy content that you can leave them to get on with when you are busy with the daily chores.

I really like this colourful app by KidzInMind officially launched in the UK in October it’s free to install and just involves a minimal monthly subscription without any hidden extra’s your child can add.  All the content on there has to meet strict criteria; they pride themselves in providing a safe and controlled environment with a combination of videos, pop-up books, colouring in and games for an immersive experience.

It is pitched for children 2-6 years olds so my youngest just falls into the recommended age, its ideal for him to help with his handwriting, which could definitely do with a little extra practise!  I do find it difficult to motivate him to want to learn, it’s hard to hold his attention and he can drift off wanting to do more practical things.  But this app is very vivid and captures his interest; it has lots of choice so he can pick out what suits him best.  KidzInMind work closely with parents, experts in child development, nutritionists and paediatricians to ensure their content meets the needs of your child perfectly.

There are lots of reassuring parental controls built into KidzInMind so you can limit the time your child plays on a particular app.  It’s no surprise that its received a kidSAFE Seal a sign its been approved by leading Internet safety experts.  So why not check it out on Android over on Google Play or on iOS from the App Store.

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