Tuesday, 29 December 2015


We are preparing ourselves for the immediate launch of LEGO NEXO KNIGHTS; the boys cannot wait for their own battles to commence whilst they protect the kingdom of Knighton.  

The product line-up even has a humorous edge to it; you can use banana bombs or chicken legs in combat (well you have to utilise what you have available to you!), I think food projectiles would be my most favourite weapons, forget the impressive swords and maces let’s keep it interesting!

The KNIGHTS are very affordable at RRP £6.99 a pack so it’s not expensive to start unleashing your creativity (or chicken legs!) onto the battlefield.  Alongside the NEXO KNIGHTS characters you can also purchase various vehicles to enhance play and of course the imposing Fortrex (#70317 RRP £79.99) itself – a rolling castle with lots of unique features.  This is one set the boys are particularly interested in, although I think they would like most of the collection.  Fortunately there is something for all budgets and depending on your allegiance you can decide to assist the darker side, I might be tempted just so I can drive the Beast Masters Chaos Chariot (#70314 RRP £24.99)!  Although Clay has some pretty impressive wheels with his Rumble Blade vehicle (#70315 RRP £29.99), so it could go either way.

With LEGO® NEXO KNIGHTS™ animated adventure comedy series debuting on Cartoon Network and airing throughout 2016 the hype for LEGO NEXO KNIGHTS will definitely be building!  So it’s also time to get your knights ready to battle malicious Jestro (think evil jester) and his book of monsters by buying this range of futuristic medieval sets, they promise hours of fun.

The much-anticipated LEGO® NEXO KNIGHTS™ sets will be available at all good toy retailers from 1st January 2016. Begin your adventure at http://www.lego.com/en-gb/nexoknights/teaser (there are videos, games and posters to print!).

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