Saturday, 5 December 2015

Our Beautiful Pines and Needles Christmas Tree

On Monday our Pines and Needles tree arrived, it was handled well in delivery as it arrived in perfect condition.  We were sent the 6ft Nordman Fir (£53.95) and it was the ideal size for our living room.  The boys were thrilled to see their very first real Christmas tree in our own house.

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Hubbie quickly placed it in the medium water-holding stand (£20.95); we had none of the hassle of having to gradually build our tree branch by branch like we have done every other year with our old artificial tree.  It was a pleasure having a simple set up so we could fast forward to the fun part of the boys getting stuck in decorating, although its an idea to let it dry out a bit after its journey.

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The stand was very sturdy which really helped keep the tree stable even when the dog decided to investigate it!

I placed one of the branches from my old tree next to this real tree and I quickly realised just how fake it looked by comparison, my Pines and Needles tree was a lush and healthy green.  It creates such an impact when you walk into the room; it really is the most beautiful tree.  It’s a lovely shaped tree you can tell its been hand pruned with lots of care and attention.  It is also a child friendly tree as the needles are very soft.  My hubbie really loves the smell of the tree it reminds him of his own childhood.

At first I thought perhaps it was losing more needles than I expected for a premium non-drop Christmas tree, but we soon realised that it was the dog going next to the tree and shaking the branches with her mouth!  Now I have told her no she seems to be listening and the needles are thankfully lasting much longer.

After delivery its essential you look after your tree to keep it in tip top condition, making sure you keep the water stand topped up with 2 – 3 inches of water and positioning the tree away from a direct heat source.

We were also sent two of the mini Christmas trees (£14.95 each); these are quite cute and would be a nice little treat for younger children.  If decorating the big tree is too much smaller children might find these much more manageable.  

After Christmas if they have been well looked after you can move them into the garden and continue to enjoy your charming little trees and hopefully watch them grow further.

Use the code SLEEP to get 10% off your own order.  I have had such a positive experience with Pines and Needles I would definitely recommend their products and its so convenient having your tree delivered to your door, no having to drive in dreadful weather conditions to pick out your own!  Even better if you live in London the delivery drivers come wearing hats and kilts!

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