Monday, 28 December 2015

Our New Eve Mattress #myevemattress

We have always wanted a bigger bed, it’s been a squeeze accommodating the boys for morning cuddles or when they are feeling under the weather and wanting to be close to their parents.  So when we were offered a discount code for an Eve mattress we could not resist using it as the catalyst to change from a double bed to a super king!  Oh how we relish the extra space, its so very indulgent being able to really spread out and not be squished next to each other like sardines…

The site was very easy to navigate and I had no issues placing my order.  I think for certain things its nice to try before you buy, my mum frowns on me for online shopping for certain items, sofa’s, mattresses, beds… anything she thinks should be tested for comfort before purchasing! It’s not always worked out well; our sofa looks the part but does not give the best back support. 

But you have no such concerns ordering with Eve you actually get a home trial of 100 nights, if your unhappy at any point during that time they will collect the mattress and refund your purchase.  I think that’s exceptional customer service they obviously want you to be delighted with your new mattress and I am doubtful anyone has actually taken them up on the offer as its such a comfortable mattress, once you have experienced an Eve mattress you would be hard pushed to part with it.  Hubbie and I are actually going to bed earlier just so we can laze in the bed and we seem to be having a more satisfying sleep too.

Our mattress was delivered in a easy to carry box (it was still heavy mind but then it was super king so that's to be expected!).  I love the branding and all the messages inside the box, you can tell Eve take sleep VERY seriously.

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When our Eve mattress arrived it was vacuum packed so it looked much smaller than its super king size.

Hubbie was worried in case they had sent a single in error but once unwrapped it continued to grow into an impressive mattress.  

It’s quite remarkable seeing it quickly take shape (but do leave it for up to 6 hours to completely grow!).

They are so confident about their mattresses that they offer a 10-year guarantee, so its well worth investing in a mattress that will last and last.  We have had our mattress two weeks now and I know that when the time comes to replace the other mattresses in our house Eve will be my first port of call.  As I do not want to appear too hasty giving you my review though I will report back in a month to let you know if I am still happy with my experience, but so far so good.

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