Sunday, 6 December 2015

Project Mc2 Doll Review & #Giveaway

The Project Mc2 dolls were released to coincide with the Netflix original series, so if you’re familiar with the show naturally you will want to collect these fabulous fashion dolls.

I really like how they are packaged; alongside the doll you get a scientific experiment to try out at home.  I think this element will make them have wide-ranging appeal for children and please parents because they are also educational.  They offer excellent value for money at RRP £24.99 and make an attractive gift for Christmas.

We were sent McKeyla’s Lava Light to build using a few simple ingredients you can find at home (water, food colouring, veggie oil and effervescent tablet).  You can also build Camryn’s skateboard, make Adrienne’s volcano erupt or Bryden’s glow stick shine!  I really like how the dolls are all pitched as smart girls with characteristics parents will want their children to identity with.  They have big ambitions for example McKeyla McAlister wants to save the world and they are a lovely close group of friends part of a secret organisation, so overall lots to entice the interest of children 6+.

Alongside the dolls with experiments you can also get Project Mc2 Dolls (RRP £14.99), so something to fit all budgets.  You can even buy a Advanced Digital Intelligence Spy Notebook for £24.99, a must if you want to pretend to be in your own secret organisation like the girls.  Secret missions and hidden compartments will appeal to the most inquisitive minds.

You can follow the girls on Facebook (Project Mc2 UK), twitter (@ProjectMc2UK) and Instagram (Project_Mc2UK) for exclusive news, competitions and more!  So before you head off to follow those social media pages I have a doll to giveaway here.  If you would like to enter then please fill out the form below by the 20th of December (sorry the prize will not arrive in time for Christmas, but will be a lovely treat for your child in the New Year!).

Project Mc2 Doll Giveaway


  1. These are such great Christmas gifts and my 9 year old has already asked Santa for one this year in her letter! I think she's been a good girl this year so I'm sure she will get one from Santa! :)