Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Santa’s Little Selfies Competition #argospetselfie

Preparations are underway for Christmas but its important not to forget our pets.  For one many Christmas foods can be dangerous for our beloved furry friends, our houses are filled with chocolate but this is very toxic for dogs (and cats) so make sure they cannot reach it.  Raisins, currants and sultanas found in all those tasty mince pies and delicious Christmas pudding and Christmas cake can be very problematic for their poor kidneys, so even when they give you their best grovelling eyes do not share (give them a raw carrot or bit of apple minus the seeds instead!).

It’s very important to have pet insurance in place just in case your pet ever needed costly medical treatment.  Insurance can really help with those unexpected vet bills, I mean you would be surprised how far a dog can reach when its determined to get hold of food it shouldn’t have!  I have caught Summer more than once front paws on the worktop balancing on her back legs outstretched as far as she can reach sniffing out food… luckily there was nothing she could grab that would have harmed her but she was determined to find something (remotely!) edible.  When she was a pup she was eating anything in sight, once she chomped up a whole pack of crayons and had multicoloured poo afterwards… I would say getting pet insurance is a necessity for peace of mind.

Aside from the food the noise and excitement of Christmas might be too much for your pet, make sure they have a quiet place to retreat to, somewhere they can rest without interruption from loud sounds.  A peaceful spot they can have a sleep without the hustle and bustle of visitors and excitable children.

If you’re the kind of family that likes to embrace Christmas completely then you probably get behind it in a big way even down to buying costumes for your pets!  If that’s the case this competition might just be for you!  Our first dog we did buy a sweet little reindeer outfit, she was so adorable with stick on antlers but I cannot imagine Summer tolerating all that she makes enough fuss just putting on her harness to go on a walk.  Mind you I tasked hubbie with getting me a picture of her looking set for Christmas so I could upload it to twitter and what surprised me was how willing she was to wear a Christmas jumper and elf ears (okay he did bribe her with dog biscuits!).

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If your pet likes all the fanfare then this Argos Pet Insurance Santa’s Little Selfies competition might be worth entering, you could win £100 Argos vouchers.  Well I think you should at the very least share the prize with your pet if you did win, it’s down to them looking so cute after all!  Maybe spoil them with a new comfy bed or some toys to chew.

You have until the 3rd of January to enter so plenty of time to think how you can get a festive selfie.  On the 4th of January one cat and one dog will be chosen as winners.

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