Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Scooter Tricks

This Christmas my eldest is receiving a Stunt Scooter off Santa, for a while now he has said he would like to attempt some scooter stunts but I have always panicked he might hurt himself!  But with him turning nine next year I cannot wrap him in cotton wool forever so its time for him to give it a try.  As long as he is wearing his helmet and ideally has protection for his knees and elbows (which reminds me I need to put in a quick order before Christmas for those pads!) then he will at least be relatively safe if he falls off mid stunt!

In further preparation for the unveiling of his present I thought it would be worthwhile reading some scooter tips and tricks in advance to give him pointers in the right direction.  He has outgrown his precious scooter and is eager to start practising at the skate park like his friends but I would rather he starts off with the easier stunts then builds up to the more complicated ones when he has become more skilled at manoeuvring on his scooter.  At the moment all he does is skate along so attempting anything else will be a challenge at first.  Bless him he looks so cute when he first started out with his scooter of old.

I know its most likely that a fair few of my followers children will end up with stunt scooters too come December the 25th, so it might be a helpful infographic from Halfords to share with you all.  Then you can start your children off with the Hippy Jump, Pop Up Wheelie and Pogo before trying anything difficult…

I think we will be saving the Grind until a good few months down the line of practising!  Just the thought of him attempting stunts off the ground is fraying my poor nerves.  But it does help to have the right equipment ready, you can even get protective gloves that will defend hands in a fall and help with grip.  Like the infographic mentions it’s also important to consider a light so you’re easier to be seen.

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