Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Tempted to sell our house and run for the hills

We have had our up’s and down’s with our house, we have had it almost two years and its been a roller coaster, even with a full survey you are still not prepared for the true magnitude of problems you end up facing!  On separate occasions both hubbie and I have been thinking it would be sensible to have a quick house sale and cut our losses.  Although they could be substantial because we have taken apart the house and not made it look pretty yet!  

Note for future: going in guns blazing is not an ideal approach to home renovations if you are on a tight budget and cannot make it look good afterwards.  You end up with a bit of everything started and nothing at all finished!!!  It probably would have been better to bash it all down and start from scratch instead of trying to work patching up what we have!

But we are in for the long game, willing to tackle each problem gradually over time or so we keep (perhaps foolishly!) telling ourselves.  People say time is on our side but with my hips and back aching more these days, 37 years old does not seem quite as young as it used too! 

It is VERY tempting to not be tied to a big high maintenance property and just take off into the sunset on a boat like this couple did, but it’s a different life when you have kids involved, I could only begin to imagine the kind of cabin fever we would have all cooped up in that boat for any length of time!  The pictures look amazing though, the couple look relaxed and happy, I think I look over fraught by comparison most of the time. 

But if I did decide to sell my house fast through a site like UK Homebuyers Ltd I would probably downsize, I thought having a big house would be wonderful for my family but now I just see the £££ draining away, especially in winter when you try and stay warm as best as you can.  I would also like something new and finished, old has character yes but it also has lots of problems, porous stones and woodworm.  

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