Tuesday, 15 December 2015

The Good Dinosaur Range At Disney

The Good Dinosaur film was released in the UK on the 27th of November and now a whole host of exciting toys, games and clothing have arrived at the Disney Store to celebrate the wonderful film and it’s story of friendship.

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I really like this range; dinosaurs are very popular in our household so it’s a theme children naturally love whether they have managed to watch the film yet or not.  The collection features all the main characters.

The designs are impressive; the clothing lets you transform yourself into your favourite dinosaur.  The Good Dinosaur Hooded Sweatshirt (£22.95) even has tiny little arms (how adorable!) along with the detailing on the hood (felt teeth and padded eyes). 

Children enjoy getting into character and there has never been a better time to start refreshing your fancy dress outfit box now you can get your hands on an Arlo costume (£30.95) perhaps teamed up with some stomping dinosaur feet (£22.95) - so you can sound just like Arlo too!  Or if you prefer the quieter life let them stuck with the quieter ones provided with the costume… (Although quieter life and kids hardly go hand in hand, so let them ROAR and STOMP and have lots of fun!).

I quite fancy the Arlo Large Soft Toy, just look into those eyes!

We were sent the The Good Dinosaur Figurine Playset (£12.95) I think that offers great value, plenty of figurines to play with, letting their imagination run wild as they immerse themselves into a dinosaur adventure.  Now is the time to stock up for Christmas because these items will not disappoint, the samples we were sent were all excellent quality!  It can often be tricky to know what to get children, but Disney Store make it so easy everything is well presented and looks appealing.

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