Tuesday, 22 December 2015

The Latest John Adams Children’s Games

We were delighted to be sent two new games from our friends at John Adams, Elly Fountain (RRP £19.99) and the Greedy Sheep (RRP £22.99).  These are action games most suited for younger children 4+, although you might find the older ones and adults eager to join in too!  My boys never want to pass up an opportunity to be introduced to an exciting new John Adams game.

The Greedy Sheep is just that a very hungry sheep that wants to be fed carrots, you take it in turns feeding him until he decides he has had enough and his fleece flies off.  

The winner is the one with the least amount of carrots left.  Your literally on the edge of your seat trying to frantically stuff as many carrots as you can to get an advantage over your competition because once The Greedy Sheep bleats it’s the next players turn to feed him up.

It is quite a simple concept really but still heaps of fun, there is nothing complicated to figure out so it suits the recommended age of the children playing.  I love having a wide choice of games because my youngest at six has a shorter attention span and for him games like these are IDEAL (see the play on words there!).

Keeping with the hungry theme Elly Fountain revolves around an elephant with another hearty appetite this time liking to be fed fruit and peanut cards, but Elly is a cheeky little elephant and when you press her foot could squirt water too!  

But if she gets you it’s a good thing because it means you are awarded with a splash token, the first to get three is declared the overall winner.  Children will love the element of surprise will they or will they not get squirted on their turn.

Both games are a wonderful gift for Christmas and if your quick you still have time to pick them up from your local stockist of Argos, Smyths, The Entertainer or Toys R Us.

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