Monday, 21 December 2015

Things to remember when selling your car

Is it time to sell your car? Whether you have your eye on a new model or you simply need the extra cash, there are a number of ways you can sell your unwanted car for a great price.

Selling a car can seem a bit overwhelming if you’re not sure where to start, so here are some tips.   

Make sure you get the right price 

Do you know how much the car you want to sell is worth? If not, then how can you be sure you are selling it for the right price? It is vital to know how much your car is worth before selling it so you can be prepared. Take a look at other adverts and see how much your car usually sells for, keeping in mind its current state, mileage and age.  

Don’t be surprised if a buyer tries to haggle; decide on the lowest price you will take beforehand to help you retain a good price.  

Could you part-exchange your car? 

At many dealerships, you can part-exchange your car. This means that you sell your car to the dealer as part of the deposit on a new car from the same dealership. This is a great way to utilise your current car if you are upgrading, and is much simpler than selling your car privately.  
You can find out how much your car could be worth in a part exchange through Stoneacre’s online valuation tool.  

Create an engaging advert 

If you decide to go down the private selling route, make sure you write an engaging advert to stand out from the crowd. There are a lot of cars for sale and the competition is stiff. A well written advert with a lot of information and images will be more attractive to potential buyers, but if you really want your advert to be seen you should think outside of the box.  

However and wherever you place your advert, make sure to include these vital pieces of information:  
Make and model 
Registration year and plate number 
Service history 
Colour and any features 
Up to date contact details 

Remember to be completely honest and don’t falsely advertise, not only is it time-wasting, it’s illegal.  

Remember that photos can make all the difference 

Nobody is going to buy a car from an advert with no pictures. It is far too risky and also implies the car is not in a good condition.

You shouldn’t just upload any old photo of your car though. To get a good price for your car, it needs to be advertised well and this includes taking the time out to take high quality photographs. You do not need a fancy camera or any expensive equipment, simply clean the car and make sure there is nothing around the car that could be in the way. Take images far enough away so that the whole car is included, and upload images from different angles. Don’t forget the inside!  

Get the car ready for sale 

The car should be in its best possible condition when viewed by a potential buyer, not like the picture below!

Remember to: 

Give the car a good clean 
Top the car up with oil, water and make sure the tyres are full of air 
Gather all of the car’s paperwork including its full service history, V5C registration certificate and MOT certificate.  

Don’t forget to alert the DVLA  

When you do sell your car you need to alert the DVLA as soon as possible. Complete and post the relevant parts of the log book and let your insurance company know you’ve sold the car.  

Good luck!  

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