Saturday, 19 December 2015

Time for a UKTV Christmas Quiz

I have had an afternoon of peace and quiet to recover from the germs hubbie decided to (rather unkindly!) share, but after a restorative bath, lots of steam, a hot drink and a rather long rest I am a bit bored of my own company!  So I decided to try a UKTV XMAS Quiz for entertainment and amusement, as I am not used to having so long by myself.  I do not normally have so much time at my leisure, but my parents were insistent I recover in time for Christmas so had the boys over with them.

It was easy enough to play you just spin the wheel and are allocated a UKTV channel (from a choice of 10) then pick to answer a question which is easy (10 points), medium (20 points) or hard (30 points) – naturally I went for easy as I was not convinced my TV knowledge would be up to much!  But I scored 10 points on my first go and was eager to keep going. 

You get three lives and its fun seeing how many rounds you can survive.  I think I will challenge hubbie to a game or two.  I am feeling quietly confident now I have had some practise!  Although when I ventured out of my easy category I did get my answer wrong, so I obviously need to swot up on my UKTV knowledge and some of my answers were VERY lucky guesses!

UKTV is all about being together at Christmas and a good quiz can be lots of fun for all the family, especially if you’re a BIG fan of the UKTV network so you might have a bit of an benefit over the others.  It can be quite addictive trying to beat your precious score, its tricky because even if you have a strong knowledge of a particular UKTV channel it is random which channel you will be allocated by the spinner so you might not be able to work it to your advantage…

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