Tuesday, 15 December 2015

University Games UFO Alarm

Our first review as University Games Official Bloggers was for the rather wacky UFO Alarm (RRP £24.99); it captured my boys attention straight away!  The box looks very appealing and it’s exciting you have to watch out for the electronic space ship sucking up your playing pieces.

Love it when a new game comes to review #universitygames x

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It’s an unusual concept but very effective, its now one of the first games the boys (aged 6 and 8) want to play.  I think because it’s such a novelty for them and lots of fun, its nice seeing their enthusiasm.  It’s mainly down to luck with the roll of a dice (and some planning!), which makes it easy enough for younger children to get involved and hopefully keep the poor farm animals safe.

With it being so close to Christmas I thought I would quickly share our thoughts on the game, in case you wanted to add one to your growing Christmas pile, if you do it is easy enough to get hold of with it being available to buy from Argos (£16.49), Toys R Us (£18.74), Amazon (£16.08) and Tesco (£20.72), I have included the current listed prices as of the 15th of December so you can decide where to purchase it.

To play 3 x AAA batteries are required (not included) so do make sure you stock up in advance so you can enjoy the game as soon as you unwrap it!  The winner is the person with playing pieces left on the board; it’s quite tense, as you never know what your next roll of the dice will do! 

Additionally the boys thought it hilarious that the toilet was the only safe place from the aliens… (to be honest if daddy had been in there I can completely understand the aliens reluctance!).

I have included the University Games video so you have a little clip of gameplay.

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