Monday, 18 January 2016

Coping with Ageing Parents

My parents are fit and well, but still I worry.  I know they are getting older and with each birthday celebrated I cherish another year of them in my life but panic how many more do we have together.  I am very forgetful and my mum is as ditsy as me, because of this I instantly fear the worst and think of dementia!  Although in my case its more likely baby brain (can that last almost 7 years?!?) and my mum is just usually pre-occupied with a million different things (she makes cards, jewellery and bags!).  But just in case I have done my research…

It can be hard to know how to best support someone close to you suffering from dementia.  It can be a scary time for them and they might feel anxious and confused, even though their behaviour might have changed and they could be continually repeating themselves or getting frustrated and angry with you, its important to remain calm and realise its just the condition and not take it personally, don’t give up on them.

This article from the NHS is very useful, its amazing how much help and resources are out there though if you know where to look.  You are not alone sadly many families are going through the exact same things.  The NHS says some of the behavioural changes could be down to boredom in that case puzzles for dementia might prove useful, not only providing entertainment but assisting with keeping their mind stimulated. 

Other than jigsaws there are many other activities for dementia that you can consider, its important to have an active mind.  It’s vital to still have a purpose and working through activities with your parents or grandparents will let them know they are loved and valued, you want to do as much as you can to help them feel settled and relaxed.

My parents are still very busy, boredom is not an issue if anything they probably like the odd bit of peace and quiet when their grandchildren are not running amuck in their house!  But I think its good to be aware of how to help, as there is no getting round the fact that my parents are getting older.  I want to be by their side through everything, as they have never failed to support me as I have grown up, it’s my turn to repay that debt however best I can.  I really love them so very much.

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