Friday, 15 January 2016

Further Renovation Plans

It’s hard work renovating your house, but trust me its worth it in the end.  We are nowhere near completing everything but we are at the very least (almost) watertight!  You can feel very up and down depending on what stage you are in the project, how well its going and what it’s costing you!  Today I am feeling a sense of achievement as the electrician has been and things are moving along nicely!  Wires have been tidied away and unwanted sockets removed.

At the moment EVERY spare penny goes on our house, we are saving up for the dining room next and until I have enough funds I love to search the Internet for inspiration.  It keeps me going when I am feeling sad about the renovation mistakes we have made and the money we have wasted.  I would say it pays to do your research, if you have an idea, think it through, sleep on it and don’t just jump in gung-ho without reading everything you can on the subject.  We knocked out two bathrooms then ran out of funds to put in new ones… so we are no better off in terms of bathroom facilities than we were in our old much smaller house, who knows how long we will be waiting before we actually re-add them.

I am off now to get some advice over at Building Inspiration I want to make the house work on all levels right up to the loft!  If we keep making mistakes then the value we hoped to gain buying a do me up project will have been lost with our building blunders!  We have not started a loft conversion yet but it might be one of the things we do eventually.  You never know as children seem to hang around at home much longer these days due to the cost of starting out on there own, I want to be able to offer them enough space to live here comfortably if needed and a loft conversion would certainly achieve that.  

Grown up children enjoy their independence and want to feel they have their own section to live in, especially if we end up having to accommodate the girlfriends too.  But I had to move home initially with my hubbie and pregnant tummy until we got on our feet, its good we will be able to offer that support to the boys that my parents gave us.

Our house could be so much more, but for now its our home and we are happy and content here.  We will keep you posted on the changes we make as they happen.

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