Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Introducing the Dyson Animal Small Ball

I was over the moon to be sent the dyson Animal small ball, we have a dog that leaves a trail of hair wherever she goes, so we were ready to put this model to the test!

Standing next to our previous vacuum (the DC25) you can see it’s on a much smaller scale, the handle retracts (as shown in the picture) so it takes up much less room to store.  But it is easy enough to resize it when you’re ready to vacuum.

It’s a great size for carrying up and down stairs (only weighing 5.5kg), so much more manageable than its predecessor.  I know people who invest in an upstairs vacuum and a downstairs one to save on the lifting but it makes economic sense to get one decent lighter vacuum, then moving it between floors is not such an issue.

Although do not let the size deceive you this vacuum has ALL the powerful dyson suction you could ever need.  Usually with smaller products you might expect a reduction in performance but this is definitely not the case here. 

The cable was notably longer than that of our DC25, I made hubbie do a comparison and stretch them both out!  I did not expect that from a smaller vacuum but that’s what I love about the small ball it pleasantly surprises you at every turn.  This model has a surprisingly long cleaning reach including the cable and the wand and hose extend to 12.96m, which is a remarkable 45% longer compared to the Dyson DC50 upright vacuum. 

The cleaner head is more compact but I like this as it means I can get into smaller spaces without moving as much furniture (lazy vacuuming for the win!).  The tank capacity is also smaller there is no getting around that, but I find that the dust and hair gets compacted anyway so you do not have to empty too regularly for it to be a concern.

It’s very sophisticated; I really like how the cleaner head automatically adjusts between carpets and hard floors.  When I used to manually do it I tended to forget, then I would lose suction moving from the hard floor to the rug and end up with lots of dust/dirt/hair all over it!  For me that feature is a huge plus point, how many parents have a million things on their minds, remembering to keep adjusting your cleaner head is not one of our main priorities.  We could all do with a clever little small ball in our lives.

It is very easy to steer, as the ball is not enclosed, it can move freely without constraint.  I am not ever going to say I enjoy housework but Dyson certainly make it more bearable.  I thought the living room was quite clean but the small ball still managed to pick up quite a lot of additional dust, being asthmatic its important to keep allergens under control.

Plus as its pint sized next time I can rope in the children to help out with the vacuuming so they can earn their pocket money.

It’s quieter than our vacuum of old; it has been re-engineered to reduce sound.  My mum bless her actually sweeps her kitchen because she does not like the noise of her older Dyson model on the hard flooring.  I think I might see how my mum gets on with the Animal small ball as apparently 30% less noise is generated.  But for me when you have children anything quieter and more peaceful is always appreciated…

The Dyson Animal Small Ball is available to buy from the Dyson website for £400.


  1. Wow looks fantastic. I have never owned a Dyson vacuum, but they are truly fabulous. I have a smooth coated dog and his hair drives me bonkers at times too.

  2. I know I am getting old when I get excited at not only a hoover, but a hoover review (hehe). I really enjoyed this review thank you. I have MS so I am always looking for lighter and easier ways to do jobs around the home. I like to try do as much as I can myself (I am stubborn and this is often to my detriment..) so anything that helps is good with me - added to my wishlist!!!

  3. I have the bigger version and wouldnt be without it. This would be great for smaller homes

  4. I have always been put off by the size before, but I love this! :)

  5. I've never owned a Dyson as the price always seems too high but I do like the look of this one.

  6. We need a vacuum that can deal with carpet upstairs and on the stairs, but a hard floor downstairs. I do like the look of this

  7. We have a smaller dyson and it's very convenient for storing, plus it encourages my son to have a go!

  8. The small ball looks like the perfect size and would be great for our flat! It's always hard for storage space and having to lug a huge vacuum cleaner around. x

  9. Oh that's just brilliant, nice to hear it's smaller but still works brilliantly. We have a Dyson and I love it but it's so heavy. Doesn't work so well for me since having POD and knackering my poor bod (without sounding 104!)

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