Saturday, 23 January 2016

Learning to be bolder with our design choices

We might well have overdone the use of magnolia paint in our house, we wanted it neutral but now it is quite dull and repetitive!  Every wall is the exact same colour and for the flooring we have matching laminate in each room.  It seemed the easiest option just to have one concept and replicate it in every room, plus a bit cheaper buying all the material in bulk!  We stripped off the old wallpaper when we bought the house back in April 2014; it had been re-painted over year on year, which proved quite a challenge in itself.

We have been debating adding a splash of colour, something to draw the eye.  We have a photo wall in the hallway and we have experimented with wall stickers in the living room they did brighten the room somewhat and are quite pretty but I am now thinking of something bolder for our next project.

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Which brings me back to considering using wallpaper again, not everywhere but just for a signature wall in a few of the rooms.  I still want our old house to breathe as much as possible but re-adding small sections of wallpaper should still allow the house to cope without struggling to deal with damp/mould/mildew all over again!  Although you can improve matters by adding a damp proof foil paper or even considering a Mildewcide incorporated into your wallpaper adhesive - seriously do not rule out wall paper you do have options!

But having stripped off so much wallpaper I want us to think very careful about what we pick, only considering reintroducing it if it’s something spectacular.  Your Walls is one possibility they have a great range of designs, they realise your home is your castle and you want to get the look just right for you.  You can achieve whatever your hoping for with your room because you can upload your own images and personalise it to your exact requirements.  If you have a favourite destination and have a photograph worthy of becoming the backdrop to your living room why not have that made into wallpaper, it will bring back all the wonderful memories of that place every time you look at it.  If you’re a particularly talented photographer you can even add your contribution to the site and earn royalties whilst developing your brand.

Here are a couple I liked:

This image is deal for a children’s playroom with it being so bright and colourful.  It will capture their imagination, wondering where the cars are off too and who lives in each of the houses.

I also love the birds one, I find watching birds in flight relaxing somehow, I like how they are one big unit that stick together.

Are you a fan of wallpaper?

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