Friday, 8 January 2016

Medical Conditions & Where You Live

You always see those statistics about the safest or happiest place to live in the UK, I always tend to find them quite intriguing and make a point of reading them, where I live usually fares okay not the best by any stretch but no where near the worst so I am content with that. 

I think if it was badly ranked it would be my motivation to try and move but as it is I love where we live.  In terms of shops and facilities some might find it very lacking but I can get my city fix on holidays and be happy with my lot in between. 

One thing we do not have in the locality is a hospital so I was interested to see what benenden would find out in their analysis of the risk of developing a serious medical condition change depending on where we live in the UK, if it was a genuine statistical risk it might encourage me to move closer to proper medical facilities (we do have a doctors surgery so that’s something!).  As it is fortunately my postcode came back low risk (phew!) so I can continue to live in my rural location in relative peace and tranquility.

If you want to check your own postcode use the benenden tool to see your own level of risk.  My hubbie came from Southampton where you are you are 12% more likely (compared to the national average) to develop a serious medical condition, so I think he will be pleased he made the move to Wales now!  I am biased though as I was born in Wales, so even if my risk level was higher would find it hard to make the move.  I want to raise my children surrounded in greenery (I would though like a break from the endless rain that keeps Welsh looking so lush, but you can’t have it all!).

Apparently in East Sussex and Suffolk you are 7% less likely (compared to the national average) to develop a serious condition like cancer or liver disease, so if you live there that’s good to know!  Perhaps if you’re selling your house in those areas you could quote this research!  But if you have a good lifestyle with a healthy diet and appropriate level of exercise then hopefully you would be okay regardless of where you happen to live.  I just wish I could STOP eating the children's selection boxes... (but I am willing to sacrifice my health for them!).

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