Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Our Christmas 2015

We had a fantastic Christmas for one I did not have tonsillitis this year so could savour every mouthful of my mum’s wonderful Christmas dinner!  Although sadly we had no more of the Harrods champagne I missed last year… mind you I am just as happy with Asti as I am not a girl to stand on ceremony!

The boys were very excited (if not slightly manic!) about EVERYTHING.  I did not have the best nights of sleep on Christmas Eve as youngest was up coughing bless him, it does not help when he then notices at 1am that Santa HAS BEEN and asks every few minutes can he look in his stocking.  The answer was no on repeat until it was a more reasonable hour and he could share the unveiling of the stocking contents with his brother.

We had another year of believing in Santa which was lovely of course, I do want to drag it out as long as possible, but in some ways you do feel a bit cheated!  We make it quite clear that we send money for the elves to buy materials to make the toys, but still youngest said quite put out “Where are the presents from you Mummy and Daddy?!?”. 

After all the unwrapping eldest looked at the boxes his presents arrived in and said “If the Elves make them why does it say Made in the USA on that one?!?” – so I either have to up my game next year (with made by elves stickers covering anything suspect OR accept we have not got long of believing left!).  My friend is adamant she is booking a trip to Lapland to see Santa when her children start to waiver in their belief, I think all that snow, reindeers and a more realistic Santa might get a bit more mileage out of it, so I am undecided whether we will do the same!  If I were booking a holiday I would rather head to the sunshine.

Overall the boys were pleased with their presents, eldest had a drum set as his main one and oh my our house is VERY noisy at the moment, more so than usual!  With two boys it’s never going to be peaceful anyway so I might as well let them embrace being LOUD!

#drumkit #drums my little drummer x

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Youngest is over the moon with his metal detector the only thing is he now wants to collect random bits and bobs more than usual (so rusty pieces of old metal etc are gathering in the hallway, waiting for me to casually get rid of them again when he isn’t looking!), I had thought they had found some real coins but later hubbie admitted (just to me) that he had planted them in the sand to raise our sons spirits!  Now he wants to go metal detecting every day so this could turn out to be an expensive hobby for us!

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