Sunday, 10 January 2016

Our Weekend

I have had a lovely weekend with good friends for company, I have been stung in the past having been close friends to people and had them turn on me, so this year I decided to focus on those who are there for me (as I am for them).  I hate all the petty facebook statuses and drama, is it wrong to just want a peaceful life surrounded by people who treat me how I treat them with mutual kindness and respect.  2016 will see me be there for who matters.

Hubbie made a little buffet lunch, we played some board games with the kids – for a moment I was temporarily blinded by the amount of cream left in my eyes from PieFace but thankfully the fog soon cleared!  Next time I might not let youngest top it up with quite so much cream… but it is a hilarious game to play nonetheless.  As you can see from the picture the dining room is still not decorated, so please accept my apologies for the distressed walls and rather pink radiator, but we are making the most of the new dining table, which is a good start.

My eldest spent the day with a friend for his birthday so it was just my youngest and three other children in our home and their parents.  The children all played nicely so we had a chance to catch up, eat too many biscuits and just relax in each other’s company.  It’s lovely when playdates work, they don’t always and that can be difficult, running around splitting up constant arguments can be draining so I was pleased it was a success.

Eldest had a long day out of the house so I was glad when he arrived home, but he said he wished everyday could be like that so I know he had an enjoyable day with his two best friends.  It’s getting used to him going off in the wider world now without me by his side, it takes some adjustment and I do not feel quite ready for that shift.  I am trying though, other people seem to cope better but I know I will get there eventually.  I mean my poor mum had to deal with me going off on a school trip to France when I was in primary school, but when I think of my boys that far from home I do panic!  But you cannot clip your children’s wings they need freedom to explore and thrive outside the confines of home.  I can do this, one teeny step at a time…

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