Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Dreading Another Party

Youngest has decided he now wants a birthday party when he turns 7, I can just see the pound signs flashing before my eyes and feel my blood pressure rising rapidly already.  I thought last years one would keep him going for awhile, he had Zoolab so got to handle lots of creatures in the comfort of his own home, he had a Minecraft cake (and little cupcakes for guests to leave with) made especially and personalised party bags.  

We spent a small fortune buying all the party food and hubbie baked long into the night to provide enough cupcakes for the hungry party goers and their parents (well mainly so the kids could just lick off the topping and leave the cake!).

I dread to think how much we spent in total, it must have been close to £300 and that was with only about 15 guests.  This time he is thinking BIGGER and wants to invite his whole class, he looked heartbroken when I suggested something on a much smaller scale.  I had hoped that a cinema trip would suffice, even bringing a friend along with him to sweeten the deal, but no… he is not going for it at all.

So I have spent the evening looking at party bags and accessories and feeling more than a little bit stressed about the costs mounting up.  I wish I knew how to do a party on a budget because then I might not be so panic-stricken.  Back in the day there was none of this party bag nonsense, my mum just used to wrap up a slice of birthday cake and if you were lucky you might also leave with a mini mars bar.  I sound so bah humbug but I do think sometimes the money would be better spent elsewhere.  We could have a mini break away for the cost of a party, I tried to offer that as bait but he wasn’t taking it!

Tomorrow it will be back to the drawing board to see if I can think of anything to beat a party, I have found some great ideas when they are older like a monster truck driving experience (you need to be 10 sadly!), but that £79 sure beats what I would spend on a class party.  I do not begrudge him spending time with his friends I just like to leave a couple of years between full on parties!  Especially now parties are becoming more and more elaborate.  I like making a fuss of him on his birthday of course, each birthday is special but I just do not like jumping on the party bandwagon and getting crushed with ALL the costly extras.

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