Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Half Term Movie Recommendations

It’s half term so hooray for movies for some very welcome downtime for the kids AND definitely me!  Today they have been to the skate park then for a long scoot around followed by a visit to a shop for some sugary sustenance for later and a trip to the library to pick out some books together, then more scooting/bike riding back home again.

I am scheduling movie screenings every day as a way to chill out the pair of them, whether at home or in the cinema.  After a full day in each other’s companies they get a bit tetchy to say the least!  So a good film and some sweets help take the edge off for everyone.

Hubbie loves his technology though so he would like a 4K (or Ultra HD) TV as apparently they deliver four times as much detail compared to what we have at the moment, so your talking better clarity when your viewing.  I do not notice this kind of stuff normally but hubbie and the other men folk in the family most certainly do (including my dad and brother), so the boys will probably join daddy soon grumbling for a better TV!

The Viera 4K TV has captured hubbies attention and I did have a little gander at their site I must admit using their see the difference tool I could make out a significant advantage going for 4K.  Now the boys are getting into movies in a big way we might as well make the most of our time together with better picture quality.

Here are a few film recommendations for you that we have enjoyed lately.

The Good Dinosaur – a bit sad in places, poor Arlo does not have the best time of it but it shows with a bit of courage and a good friend you can do pretty much anything!

Pixels – bit heavy on the swearing hence its 12 rating but other than that its very watchable, eldest loves computer game so the theme was perfect for him.  If your in your thirties it’s one of those films that makes you feel a little nostalgic for the games you played as a child!

Goosebumps – only just out in the cinema and worth a watch, it’s a PG but the zombies do look pretty nasty and the puppet looks like he means business too.  But all ends well (or almost!) and some parts are very funny so even my eldest who generally likes films with considerably less monsters (or just friendly ones!) enjoyed it.

Good luck surviving half term!  More movie suggestions are very welcome please add them in the comments below!

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