Thursday, 25 February 2016

Introducing Star Monsters

My boys have some new pocket friends called Star Monsters, they actually loved the ones they were sent to review so much they decided they needed more money to buy further ones to add to their collection.  

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So off they went hunting around the house for coins looking inside and under the sofa determined to get the next batch of Star Monsters as quickly as they could!  It seems I have the perfect motivation for them to do chores around the house now to earn additional pocket money just for those important purchases.

I like the giant capsule packs so you can play a game whereby you try and get your Star Monsters to land inside.

If you buy the Album-Guide it has lots of information that will enrich life with your Star Monsters, more games to play, facts about the Star Monsters and how best to display them.  They have an interesting back-story having fallen as stars from the sky that transformed after coming into contact with items from their new environment, like bouncing off a tortoise shell, crashing into a vending machine or landing on a bulldog’s kennel.  Children will enjoy hearing their amusing tales.

If you’re lucky you might find a silver (rare) or gold (ultra rare) Star Monsters that are more exclusive.  I liked the different ways you can buy them, either in their capsules handy for storage or games, with the display cases or with a bag to carry them around in.  

They are quite versatile, very affordable and lots of fun, my two enjoy taking the portable friends on adventures with them.

I think lots of thought has been put into the development of Star Monsters so they have more playability than most of these types of collectable toys, they have levels on their base, which can be used in games too.  For the price I am very impressed with what they offer, the figures are sturdy, the designs appealing and the whole concept just seems to work for my two boys.    

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