Wednesday, 10 February 2016

January Degustabox

This is my first Degustabox and I was excited to rummage through the contents and discover new culinary goodies and appetising snacks and drinks.  You get a generous quantity for the price, mine included Finn Crisp – Crispbread, Halewood International – Tsingtao beer, Coldpress – Apple juice, Conscious Chocolate – Chocolate bar, Jordans Ryvita – Country Crisp Cereal, Amoy – Taste of Asia Sauces, Calbee – Yushoi Sticks, Clarks – Carob Syrup, Nah Foods- Slim Noodles and Gathr Foods – Crobar.

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My favourite had to be the Yushoi Sticks these are made from green peas and rice, they sound a much healthier alternative than crisps, as they are baked with no artificial colours or flavours and high in fibre.  I had the lightly salted variety but would be keen to try the sweet chili and lemon next time I spot them.  If it had not been for Degustabox I probably would not have sampled them and found out how much I like them.

We also enjoyed the Taste of Asia thai green curry cooking sauce, it helped make a lovely dinner for hubbie and I.  He washed it down with the Tsingtao beer, he was pleased to see one hiding in the delivery and claimed it straight away!

I have a code BLDEG15 to share, which gives you £6 off a box if you are intrigued to see what all the fuss is about.  I think it’s very easy to coast along when it comes to food, picking the safe familiar options not being adventurous.  Having an opportunity to try Desgustabox for the next three months is certainly making mealtime more interesting!  It’s the most perfect way to be introduced to new brands, ones that sadly you might miss when you stick to the exact same food purchases every week.  It’s time to take your taste buds on a journey of discovery!  Although so far no one has been brave enough to eat the Crobar, eldest says he is willing to face the challenge but he is no closer to opening the wrapper and trying cricket flour for the first time…

The delivery also included some money off vouchers, which helps if you are tempted to try the products again.  I am looking forward to seeing what February will have in store for us.  It's so much fun seeing what new to the market goodies we will experience.


  1. Carob syrup sounds interesting. I often see these and am tempted, but it is such a big portion of our monthly budget!

  2. I like the way it introduces you to new brands as I am always reluctant to spend money on them in case we don't like them

  3. Some interesting options there! Always open to trying new meal ideas.

  4. I agree the Carob Syrup sounds interesting. I'd open the Jordan's first though - I love their cereals.

  5. I've seen a few of these recently and they are proving more and more popular. I think they're a good idea as it encourages us to try new things x