Thursday, 11 February 2016

Our House Renovation Project: Lighting

Our house is quite old but sadly it does not retain many of its original features anymore, we still have two beautiful ceiling roses remaining and want to hang on to them if possible.  Both could do with more attractive light fittings, especially in the hallway where they have just stuck a big unsightly light in the middle of the delicate plasterwork I do worry what will happen when we try and replace that which we desperately need to do as you can see.

The boys playroom is not quite so bad as the existing light does not obscure the ceiling rose, I would prefer a full on chandelier if I was dreaming big though!

As the house was transformed into a commercial property before we bought it they stripped back it natural beauty in favour of practical light fittings for the residents.  If anything it was a bit overboard on lighting with additional emergency lighting in case of a power outage but I guess that was a necessity when you run a business.  We have been thinning the extra lights that were unwanted to return the place to a domestic residence.  We still have lots to do; I was looking on LED Hut at spotlights for the kitchen.  I really do not like the bulky options they picked in there, we have not got the budget to do much in the kitchen at the moment, but replacing the lights and giving it a lick of paint would go some way to making it a more attractive space.

We have had lots to do with this property and its slow progress, you cannot see much taking shape indoors because of the extent of the work needed outside.  It’s been an expensive project but we are feeling quite upbeat again (for the moment anyway!) because the leaks to the front of the house seem to have stopped!  So hopefully we can claw back some money to pay off a few bits and then crack on with our next project.  My eldest still grumbles that the house is not finished but it was never going to be done quickly, we had a five year timeframe in mind and now we are closing in to year two I might have to up it to a six, seven or eight years for this renovation!

It would be lovely though to sort out the issues with lighting, we have much work to do.  Our dining room is very dark so that could do with more lights installed, downlights look great because they apparently use 90% less electricity, having so many lights here I think any savings would be much appreciated.  

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