Monday, 29 February 2016

Our #NetflixNightIn

Netflix sent us a most amazing gift our very own Netflix Night In blanket and some popcorn, teabags and coconut water to sustain us whilst viewing our favourite shows.  

You can see the dog tucked in too, but she just mainly barks at everything she see's on the screen!!!

The boys have been enjoying some of the films on there like UP and One Hundred & Two Dalmatians and the show Larva, I actually quite enjoy watching that one, it’s hilarious seeing the two larvae get into some right pickles!  They are both quite dim-witted and seem drawn to danger.  We have moved onto season 3 now with them in New York; if you have not been introduced to this show yet, do get your children on to it, you will find yourself giggling along with them.

I have been ploughing through episodes of Reign, I have got a bit carried away and have almost finished series two.  Hubbie won’t watch it with me, so it’s my little bit of historical fantasy indulgence.  I love the antics in court, plus the guys are quite easy on the eye.  I might have a little bit of a thing for Bash; he is keeping my Hook cravings under control until I get more Once Upon a Time.  I must like men in eyeliner, something I am only just starting to realise…

I have not had a chance to watch much else, hubbie just went into our viewing history and I got through four episodes today, I am completely hooked, although I did temporarily waiver when poor Mary had the unfortunate episode with those that broke into the castle.  I wish writers could avoid adding in stuff like that, it makes me sad, but I have preserved as I have got quite attached to some of the characters and want to know how it pans out for them.  Life at court is full of challenges, surviving to the end of the day without being poisoned off being the main one of them!

Hubbie is still watching Daredevil he enjoys the action scenes, I think its worth a watch just to see how uncomfortable Fisk looks on a date.  Although I did feel some compassion for him when I learnt more of his backstory, I wondered if with a different dad he might have turned out to be a different kind of man, less prone to violence.  We will see how the story unfolds.

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