Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Our Night at the Movies

We enjoy movie nights they are a chance to snuggle in as a family; we often extend it to my parents to so we can get everyone together.  With some popcorn and treats it’s a lovely way to spend quality time together.  I really like the boys making the most of the time they have with their grandparents and everyone always seems more relaxed with a decent film – it’s a welcome break from the siblings fighting as there attention is on the film content instead!!!

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As people get older it might become trickier to leave the home but the older generations still appreciate your time and attention.  Pick up a few movie titles, a selection of snacks and call round for a visit, they will be thankful for you thinking about them and dropping in.  Gracewell Healthcare a care home provider realise how valuable a night at the movies can be so its something you will find happening in their comfortable homes, they like getting the residents to socialise together and even encourage their families to come and watch the film too.  I think that is such a thoughtful idea, because with younger children especially a visit to a care home might be quite daunting, but going along for a movie night keeps it fun and exciting.  It’s great they incorporate activities the residents would have enjoyed before moving in with them.  Many Gracewell homes have an actual cinema room, looking at the picture that did rival our living room!

But the most important thing is just getting together as a family even if your room is more modest.  We enjoyed Hotel Transylvania 2 it was very funny.  Although it’s got all the things that go bump in the night in it, it’s not in the least bit scary.

We will be taking this round to my parents to watch again too, we did not get a chance the first time round as the boys clocked eyes on the sweets, popcorn and a film they had not seen and promptly announced movie night was happening there and then.  So I will top up with popcorn when we are next out shopping and have a repeat performance of Hotel Transylvania 2 at my parents very soon!

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