Monday, 29 February 2016

Securing your future: 3 reasons you should make saving a priority

Especially if your household finances are sometimes a little stretched, it may be tempting to delay saving for your future. However, not putting money aside on a regular basis can mean you’re storing up trouble.

There are plenty of attractive savings options available now, from regular savings accounts to investment products that can help you maximise your returns. For example, RL360° Quantum is a flexible product that is designed to offer growth over the medium to long term. It enables you to save from £200 a month and a financial adviser will be able to talk you through your options to help you tailor your investment to suit your needs.

As well as meaning you can take advantage of the impressive range of saving solutions now available, there are a host of other reasons why it’s good practice to make saving a priority - and here are three of the most important.

1. Preparing for the unexpected

No matter how cautious you are, it’s impossible to know exactly what the future has in store for you. Perhaps your household income will drop unexpectedly or you’ll find yourself facing property repair bills or medical costs. In situations like these, it’s vital that you have a reserve of money you can draw on. If you don’t, you could quickly find yourself in financial hot water.

2. Helping you cover planned future expenses

Then there are planned expenses that you may need to cover. For example, perhaps you’ll want to pay for school or university fees for your children, or put money towards family events like weddings. 

Consider other expenses too, like getting a new car or making improvements to your home. You may also benefit from putting extra money aside for your retirement. Even if you’re already saving into a pension scheme, this might not be enough to enable you to live the lifestyle you want when you give up work.

3. Giving you greater peace of mind

Knowing that you have a financial safety net in place can also give you much needed peace of mind. It means you can plan for the future with greater confidence and you won’t worry as much about the potential problems associated with being out of pocket.

Given these points, it’s easy to see why saving money is so important. To help you make the most of your resources, you might benefit from seeking advice from a financial adviser. These experts can provide details on the full range of saving and investment options that may suit you, and they can help you make the right decisions when it comes to managing your long-term finances.

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