Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Easter Gift Guide & Competition


Hotel Chocolat are an indulgent treat for Easter, they have some gorgeous eggs and lots of bunny shapes to pick from.  We were sent the Easter Goody Bag (£18) which had a nice cross section of products, naturally my eldest loved the Caramel City Bunnies selector and a trio of milk chocolate bunnies the best (he is mad about bunnies!).

I do think the egg sandwiches (£10) look quite good fun if you want something different! You definitely do not have to settle for a traditional egg here you can pretty much bring in Easter however you like these days, Hotel Chocolat have so much choice.  All of it looks luxurious as I have come to expect with the brand and you can taste the quality of the chocolate.

Cadbury have launched a fabulous new range in time for Easter, the Cadbury Dairy Milk Oreo Minis are a real treat (perhaps buy a pack for yourself as I doubt your children will want to share!).

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Do keep an eye out for the 
Cadbury Egg Hunt Pack (£4.09) as children always remember an Easter egg hunt and this pack has everything you need to make it a success whilst still being very affordable.  If you want a complete change from rabbits and eggs why not buy a pack of frog shaped chocolate, the Cadbury Dairy Milk Freddo Minis (£2.99) are quite amusing! 
I think my favourite though is the Cadbury Dairy Milk Decorate Egg (£3.99) as it is more of an activity first rather than a race to eat the chocolate!  I think children will enjoy being in charge of decorating their own egg, although ours did get a bit messy they still liked the process!!!

Ferrero Rocher surprised me as I did not know they had chocolates so well suited for Easter, I was familiar with their decadent golden wrapped gorgeous chocolates of course but I did not know you could get them in a limited edition cute rabbit shaped box (the container eldest kept!). They also have the Ferrero eggs which are nothing short of exquisite.  

But its the Grand Ferrero Rocher (125g) that has captured my attention and one I will have to look out for!  It is an impressive looking gift, that will tell the recipient how much you mean to them over Easter, although it comes with only two Ferrero chocolates inside so you might want to buy an extra pack just to be on the safe side!  Nothing worse than running short of such divine chocolates.


If you’re looking for something different (perhaps your children are not overly fond of chocolate) you must try a ScandiSweetie egg from ScandiKitchen.  The one we were sent to review was met with much enthusiasm by the boys they were excitedly telling all their friends (and basically anyone who would listen!) that they had sweets from another world… (Not quite!).

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The egg container is beautiful to look at and the inside is filled with Scandinavian pick’n’mix goodies.

Youngest has asked if we can keep the container after he has finished the sweets that is how much he liked it.  The sweets had some more unusual ones like a hard shell one we were all convinced would have chocolate but inside was marzipan!  It was more of a novelty trying unfamiliar types of sweets.  This is a traditional gift in Sweden, so it’s a good way to introduce your children to different customs.

Family Films

Lionsgate have two new animated releases perfectly timed for Easter, they have Little Chicken's Egg-cellent Adventure (7th March) and Beyond Beyond (21st March), my boys enjoyed both titles but I would say that the beginning of Little Chicken's Egg-cellent Adventure has a scary lady on it that frightened my seven year old (it's the eyes).  But when we got past that very short scene he liked the rest of the story and the characters.  

Little Chicken's Egg-cellent Adventure revolves around the lead Rolo a teenage rooster that has to learn all the tricks and confidence needed to win a chicken fight to save the farm.  It is quite humorous and comical in places, well suited to the target age range.

Beyond Beyond is beautifully animated, I watched this all just to see how the tale unfolded.  It is based on a Scandinavian folk tale (so perhaps watch it whilst chomping on your Scandikitchen sweets!).  Beyond Beyond features Jonah the rabbit who is brave and relentless in his quest to find out where his mum went.  

He manages to find her but its not his time to join her, his dad and him learn not to fear this mystical land and accept finally that when the time is right they will go there.  It helps children learn about loss, not to fear the unknown and live in the moment.


Fun Sounds Chick (RRP £9.99) and Chickedy (RRP £9.99) are ideal for fans of the Twirlywoos a CBeebies show I am sure many of you are familiar with.  These toys are bound to amuse your pre-schoolers (10m+) and are still in keeping with the Easter theme if you want them to have a lovely gift instead of too much chocolate.  They are soft cuddly toys they will get very attached to, that also make signature sounds from the show itself when you squeeze their tummy.  More information is available from the Golden Bear Toys website. 

I have a competition to giveaway Little Chicken's Egg-cellent Adventure DVD & Beyond Beyond DVD and a Fun Sounds Chick (RRP £9.99) and Chickedy (RRP £9.99).  To enter please kindly fill in the form below by the 24th of March.

Little Chicken's Egg-cellent Adventure DVD & Beyond Beyond DVD & Fun Sounds Chick (RRP £9.99) & Chickedy (RRP £9.99)

I was sent a selection of products to produce this gift guide.