Friday, 25 March 2016

Easter Tech Gifts

If you’re more a fan of technology than chocolate the suggestions below might help you find a more suitable gift for Easter Sunday.  Don’t get me wrong I love chocolate but sometimes its nice to have something different and the following products are ideal for this time of year.  Now its spring we can embrace those pretty pastel colours, a key trend of the season and if your diabetic or watching your weight a techie gift from the mood board below might be more thoughtful.  So if you’re seeking inspiration read on for more details.

Stockists tech21, Amazon and PBTeen

iphone Case 

iphones are an expensive purchase yet its surprising how few people invest in a suitable case to protect them.  For upwards of £30 you can find a case that will survive drops of up to 6 feet.  Let’s be honest how many times have we dropped our phone and regretted not taking precautions to keep our device safe.  More teenagers these days have costly phones so instead of a chocolate egg get them an iphone case, they will thank you when they eventually drop their phone and it survives the impact!  

Amethyst iFlower Speaker - Green 

This is only £9.99 (reduced from £39.99) on Amazon at the moment and is quirky and fun way to listen to your tunes.  The flowers brighten up your space and remind us of spring when gardens start blooming! 

LEORX Cute In-Ear Earphone 

Why settle for boring bland coloured earphones when you can have these sweet ones instead. The storage box looks like a macaroon another reason to completely fall in love with them!  For £5.49 you cannot grumble at the price either. 

Urbanz FABRIQ Headphones

If you prefer headphones to earphones as they can be more comfortable to wear you do not need spend much more, these are on sale for only £9.99 at the moment.  For the price the reviews seem very complimentary of the sound quality. 

PowerBank back up charger 

How often does our phone battery die at a critical moment, when you are about to capture a memory that you want to hold on to forever?  Owning a portable device like this means you can quickly and easily top up your battery levels.

Emily + Meritt Bunny Ear Easel Phone Holder

This has to be my favourite item, much more unusual but with the bunny theme in keeping with Easter. It's a great way to prop up your phone and display it rather fabulously!

These gifts will last a lot longer than any chocolate gift would.

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