Monday, 14 March 2016

Getting Outdoors with Zoingo Boingo

I was pleased to be sent the Zoingo Boingo outdoor toy (RRP £24) to review with the weather warming I like encouraging the boys outdoors in the sunshine to burn off some energy, have fun and exercise.

I think its good to have an appealing selection of outdoor toys and this one is a complete change to everything they own already, so a welcome novelty when playing outdoors.  It is aimed at 8 years plus, it does take some time to master, getting your balance right to hop, jump and bounce around the garden.

My eldest is 8 and he got a bit frustrated when he could not do it straight away but he kept coming back and is doing much better now.  My 7 year old on the other hand was surer of himself from the onset and just got on with it.

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We made sure they wore helmets, I liked how helmets feature on the toy packaging it means you have less of a battle on your hands getting your own children to wear their helmets.

The Zoingo Boingo can be used on pavement or grass so a great addition to your garden whatever type you have!  It’s quite quick and easy to inflate the toy; I liked how it came with a card to guide you how big the ball needed to be.

The boys have been returning to play on this every day.  We have not quite got to the leaps and spins yet but I am sure they will be more ambitious as they grow in confidence.  Usually they are outside on scooters or bikes but the Zoingo Boingo is ideal for helping with agility if you have the determination to stick with it.

I think for the price it’s a well-made quality toy, but hang in there if your child does not take to it instantly, it does require a bit of practise but before you know it they will be hopping around the garden like a pro!  Even with the odd tantrum they cannot help but keep coming back to try again until they get to grips with it.

If you have any birthdays coming up soon this is an affordable present that will provide welcome amusement over the warmer months ahead!


  1. This looks fab. What a great idea.
    My youngest has been asking for a Pogo stick and this is quite similar and looks a lot safer. It might be something to think about getting her :) x

  2. We have a pogo stick which the boys love. I agree having outdoor toys is essential as I want my boys to be out playing as often as possible

  3. This is great fun isn't it - us mums are doing better than the kids here though LOL

  4. This looks like great fun, especially now the weather is (slightly) warming up. I think my oldest, at 9, would love it.

  5. We used to have something similar to this but it didn't have a handle, it was awesome! My kids would love this xx

  6. We bought the kids something similar for Christmas and they loved it - it's getting to that time of year again when they'll want to be outdoors more and more x

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